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Last updated on January 23rd, 2020

About Us

Mirror Herald is a UK-based independent, digital media platform that introduces readers to an unbiased and well researched journalism, through its stories, touching diverse sections such as news, entertainment and politics. It is a platform giving readers information on all the latest happenings both, in and around UK.

Mirror Herald brings out the most comprehensive and authentic stories about activities happening around you and the latest occurrences from around the world. Whether it is your favorite movie star, sport star or political figure, we tirelessly contribute to everything, everyone, every day.

Our Mission

At Mirror Herald, we work towards keeping our readers up to date on the latest occurrences without manipulating the facts, so that they can look at the world from an unbiased and raw perspective. We make our stories insightful while keeping them meaningful and information rich at the same time, minus the manipulation of facts.

Our People

Our people are committed to consistently bring out stories on a wide array of sections. Writers at Mirror Herald keep their readers affixed with the regular outflow of unadulterated news and entertainment stories, on a daily basis. Right from politics to sports, finance, entertainment, crime; everything is touched while also exploring the global stories.