brexit deal uk

Prime minister Theresa May is trying her best to win over Brexit deal. She is trying to convince Ministers of the house that U.K. would have a bright future outside the European Union despite Brexit. Theresa May, has triggered this process on March 29, 2017, meaning the UK is scheduled to leave EU on March 29, 2019. MP’s will decide whether to reject or accept the deal next Tuesday on December 11.

Theresa May, is trying to have discussions with small groups of her parliamentary party, in hope that she can convert her defeats and use it for victory.

However, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader claims that this would be a bad deal for U.K. and if his party votes for the Brexit deal, he would seek a vote of no confidence in the government. He said, “I hope and expect this House will reject that deal,” “At that point, the government has lost the confidence of the House. Either they have to get a better deal from the EU or give way to those who will.”

On the second of five days of debate in the Commons, a former Tory chief whip, has told the BBC that he assumes that the PM will lose the vote. Mark Harper, a member of Conservative Party, stated that he would vote against the Brexit deal and predicted that 80 of his party colleagues would also reject the deal.

However, Mr. Harper thinks that the current plan of the deal would be unfavorable for the U.K. and insist that Prime Minister Theresa May should renegotiate the deal.

Ignoring all the rejections and withdrawals, Theresa May, said, “I promise you today that this is the very best deal for the British people and I ask you to back it in the best interest of our constituents and our country.”

If, Theresa looses this deal than her own cabinet may trigger a vote of no confidence to remove her from No. 10. In that scenario, a leadership contest would be held, where Tories party would elect and choose their new party leader and Britain’s next Prime Minister.