Marc Sutton killed in French Alps

Stray bullet in the French Alps has tragically engulfed life of a 34-year-old, named locally as Marc Sutton, while he was riding in woodland near Montriond, close to Swiss border. The incident happened while the biker was enjoying his ride on a popular mountain track.

Sutton, was shot dead by a 22 year-old who was taken to hospital in a state of severe shock. The biker originally belonged to Caerphilly, South Wales, where he recently started his own restaurant in the small town of Les Gets.

The Foreign Office expressed that they were in contact with the local authorities and providing continuous support to his family. Marc Sutton, who just started living his dream, ran a private business in area and owned a restaurant named, Wild Beets Kitchen, earlier this year.

Sutton was really happy with the way his life was moving ahead and in one of his Facebook posts, he expressed about his restaurant: “I still can’t believe that this is ours! Hard work does pay off and dreams do come true.”

The incident has been recorded as accident, said Philippe Toccanier, prosecutor for the Thonon-Les-Bains region, who gave his statement to the Associated Press (AP).

However, he contrarily stated that the incident “couldn’t be confused with game, as he had a coloured helmet and a coloured mountain bike”. This is not for the first that such an event has claimed an innocent life. According to a stat, more than 20 people have lost their lives in the hunting incidents in France.

A local Facebook group also expressed horror and discussed how such action and catastrophic outcomes can be prevented.

“This has to be stopped. Ban the chasse immediately,” one said, using the French term for hunting. “There are no excuses. People’s lives are shattered.”

But others said hunting was a “lifelong tradition” and called for safety measures such as restricting hunting to certain days.

An inquiry though has been launched into the incident of “aggravated manslaughter,” French prosecutors said, and sees to solve such happenings.