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Celebrities and Music Artists We Lost in 2018




In 2018, we said goodbye to a number of celebrities from the world of music and entertainment.

At the beginning of the year, we lost three amazing musicians, Hugh Masekela, a South African jazz trumpeter who died at the age of 78; Mark E Smith, the distinctive front man of Manchester post-punk band The Fall, died aged 60; Dolores O’Riordan, the Cranberries lead singer, died at the age of 46.

In February, two actors from the small screen, Reg E Cathey, an Emmy award winner for House of Cards passed away at the age of 59, and John Mahoney, the 77-year-old actor who played the cranky, blue-collar dad in the TV show Frasier died on February 4.

In March, Broadcaster and comedian Jim Bowen, best known for hosting the game show Bullseye in the 1980s died at the age of 80, and Heartbeat actor Bill Maynard died at the age of 89.

The Swedish DJ Avicii, 28, Austin Powers’ actor Verne Troyer, and TV presenter Dale Winton passed away in April.

In May, Margot Kidder, who starred as Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve in the Superman film franchise of the late 1970s and early 1980s, died at the age of 69. Hugh Dane, 75, an actor of a TV show The Office died on May 16.

Tab Hunter, actor of the 1950s films Battle Cry and Damn Yankees!, died at the age of 86 on July 8. In August, film actress Barbara Harris, songwriter Tony Hiller, Lazy Town actor Stefan Karl Stefansson and Broadway star Carole Shelley passed away.

Heartbeat and Blackadder actor Peter Benson and Hollywood star Burt Reynolds, died in September. Mac Miller, a US rapper, was also found dead at his California home on September 7.

In October, Scott Wilson, an actor who played the role of Hershel Greene in The Walking Dead, died at the age of 76.

Dave Rowland, best known as the lead singer of the pop-country duo Dave & Sugar, died after suffering a stroke at the age of 74 on November 1.

At the end of the year, female actor and director Penny Marshall, Buzzcocks lead singer Pete Shelley and jazz star Nancy Wilson left us.

The fans and the entertainment industry will surely miss these talented stars. May the souls of these celebrities rest in peace!

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George Clooney Supports the Duchess of Sussex for ‘Living her Life’



George clooney - meghan

George Clooney has advocated in the support of Meghan Markle, stating that the Duchess of Sussex is being defamed for just “living her life”.

The Hollywood star mentioned on how the press had attacked her for “ridiculous reasons” during an interview with Good Morning Britain and that he wanted to speak up for “a really kind, smart and intelligent young woman”.

The actor told the ITV show that “I’ve seen it when the press can turn on you for sort of ridiculous reasons and for almost nothing and it seemed to me to be a little unjust since she hadn’t done anything except just happen to live her life”.

George Clooney is a friend of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, and attended their wedding with his wife Amal last year. While calling the media treatment “unfair”, the actor said that “most of it you can just shrug off and not pay attention to, but sometimes it’s unkind”.

George Clooney and his wife Amal at the wedding of of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex last year.

Clooney got involved last month when the news of conflict between Meghan and her father, Thomas Markle, circulated.

While being interviewed by Good Morning Britain, he joked about the royal family at a recent event at Buckingham Palace, saying, “Charles got really crazy and started dancing on the tables… I was surprised to see that. He had such good dance moves. Sir Tom Jones sang, which was fun. It was actually a really great night.”

George Clooney was in Edinburgh gathering a cheque for his and wife’s charity the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

The Hollywood star also claimed that he is too old to portray the role for detective 007, stating, “I look like James Bond’s grandfather”.

He also supported the star Idris Elba for the role of James Bond saying, “I’ll say it 1,000 times – Idris Elba should be Bond, period as He’s elegant, he’s handsome, he’s very… he should be Bond. I’m shocked that they haven’t just offered it to him right now, he’s the guy to do it.”

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Royals Shine at ‘A Connected Commonwealth’ Day Celebrations



Commonwealth day

On Monday, the royal family members and political figures commemorated 70th Commonwealth Day with the theme of ‘A connected Commonwealth’. While delivering a speech on the day, the Queen said that views and perspective of Commonwealth “inspires us to find ways of protecting our planet”.

Earlier in the day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the Canadian embassy and made a maple syrup dessert on snow. The matching green outfit worn by the Duchess was extremely pretty. However, the center of attraction of the entire show was a boy, who was more interested in the dessert than standing still to take a photo with the Duchess and the Duke.

After the celebrations at the Canadian embassy, the Duke and Duchess took part in the Commonwealth Day celebrations at Westminster Abbey along with the other members of the Royal Family and the Prime Minister Theresa May. The event was also attended by Commonwealth Secretary-General, high commissioners, ambassadors, faith leaders and more than 800 schoolchildren and young people.

While Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a gorgeous red coat consisting of two parallel lines of buttons by her favorite designer Catherine Walker; Meghan changed into a printed Victoria Beckham dress paired with a hat and a white coat.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

There were many performances and readings from the representative of Commonwealth having diverse culture and different faith. While the Grammy-winning group, Clean Bandit performed first, they were followed by enthusiastic North-Indian Dhol drumming and a solo performance by aboriginal Musician with a didgeridoo. 

Lewis Pugh, a Cold-water swimmer, appealed for greater efforts to reinstate the ocean’s health at the ceremony.

The Queen in her speech for Commonwealth Day said that the perception of Commonwealth “offers hope, and inspires us to find ways of protecting our planet, and our people”.

“We are able to look to the future with greater confidence and optimism as a result of the links that we share, and thanks to the networks of co-operation and mutual support to which we contribute, and on which we draw.

“With enduring commitment through times of great change, successive generations have demonstrated that whilst the goodwill for which the Commonwealth is renowned may be intangible, its impact is very real.”

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Olivia Colman Inspires Many with Heart-Warming Win at Oscars 2019



Olivia colman oscar 2019

Making her nation and thousands of fans proud, Olivia Colman became a global star as she brought an Oscar home this year. She experienced a journey, which is no less that a Hollywood drama film. The lady who began her career by working as a cleaner, has now been declared a ‘Best Actress’ by the most renowned platform for her performance in The Favourite.

Colman has been a familiar face for over a decade for her fans and film industry in the UK. However, her stardom reached the entire world, when she appeared on the Oscar stage to receive her award in a bold green gown with a sheer overlay.

The actress received her first recognition for her characters in sketch comedy series Bruiser and The Mitchell and Webb Situation, beside frequent collaborators David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Colman was seen moving to more dramatic roles in independent British films and TV series, after finding her feet in a dramatically critical role in the celebrated British Sitcom Peep Show.

After the struggle of her initial career days, Colman has had an admirable voyage. Until the Oscar 2019, she was highly praised for her role in Tyrannosaur in 2011, amassing several top acting honours. Moreover, she was also awarded with the Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globe for her role in BBC’s adaptation of The Night Manager.

In her Oscar-winning fiendish satire The Favourite, Colman played a role of the petulant, gout-stricken Queen Anne. She also won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for the part. In a stiff competition, she won against several significant actors, including Yalitza Aparicio (Roma), Glenn Close (The Wife), Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born), and Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?).

For her fans, Colman’s win was no surprise. While she was constantly seen weeping in her overwhelming acceptance speech, the humour wasn’t lost throughout as the audience kept laughing and applauding.

Although the occasion was significant and worth of grand celebrations, Colman preferred driving around Los Angeles with her mates and glam squad. The actress reportedly partied in a minibus with neon lights “for an all night bender”.

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Meghan Markle’s Letter Reveals a Broken Strong Lady



meghan markle dad, meghan markle letter to dad, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Last updated on February 13th, 2019

Handwriting experts analysed the letter sent by Meghan Markle to her separated father to unveil her character, and claimed that the Duchess of Sussex is a “narcissistic showman” left “anxious and vulnerable” by her family conflict.

Since getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has never publicly talked about the relation with her father. On the other hand, her father Thomas Markle, 74, has been doing the opposite.

However, five of Markle’s best friends have come up to speak anonymously the truth about the father-daughter relation.

As per their statement to the People magazine, the Duchess of Sussex had sent a letter after her wedding accusing father Thomas Markle of breaking her heart “into million pieces” by giving press interviews and attacking her husband Prince Harry by fabricating stories.

The explosive five-page letter sent in August last year, is claimed as “highly-stylised” by one of the leading handwriting experts Emma Bache. She highlighted that the “slow handwriting” suggests that the Duchess was “ultra cautious” but also a “showman and a narcissist”.

Bache said, “This is not a spontaneous or intellectually creative woman but a consummate performer and strategist.”

“There is enormous emotion as well as energy but she is both self aware and self orientated.” she added.

Markle’s friends said that the letter was reportedly a plea to her father to stop speaking to the press and “victimising” her.

She had written, “Dad, I’m so heartbroken. I love you. I have one father. Please stop victimising me through the media so we can repair our relationship.”

The group has also reported that Markle had reached out to her father when he staged paparazzi photos. They said that both Markle and Prince Harry still wanted Thomas to attend their wedding.

However, Thomas, who suffered two heart attacks days before he was set to walk Meghan down the aisle, didn’t show up at the Royal wedding. Since then, he has been giving interviews, which Meghan has claimed as ‘fabricated’, marring the reputation of his daughter and the Royal family.

While Thomas had earlier reported that he was shunned by his daughter and Prince Harry, Meghan’s friends have claimed his statement’s as false.

“Tom wouldn’t take her calls, wouldn’t take Harry’s calls,” the pals said.

Despite a heartfelt plea from his daughter, Thomas Markle gave an unexpected public rebuttal. He asked Meghan Markle if she and Prince Harry would pose with him for a photo “for the whole world to see”.

Since her wedding, Markle has gone through several situations that have depicted the side that portrays her as one of the strongest women. While the relationship with her father has revealed an extremely emotional side of her, it has also unveiled how strongly she has been managing the situation that has been breaking her from the inside.

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15th Glasgow Film Festival to Focus on Coming of Age Genre



Glasgow Film Festival

The Glasgow Film Festival has something new up its sleeve this year, and it is certainly going to be impressive. Focusing on an interesting genre, the 15th annual festival will open and close with two coming of age stories that were set in the 1990s.

Scheduled to open on February 20, the festival will begin with a UK premiere of Mid90s. The film is a directorial debut of actor Jonah Hill.

The festival will end on March 3, with a film based on similar genre. It is an adaptation from a play Beats, written by Kieran Hurley, which was originally performed in Edinburgh.

The story is set in 1994 Livingston, when the law attempted to place restrictions on Scotland’s rave culture.

In recent years, the Glasgow Film Festival has expanded its attendances from 6,000 at its first outing in 2005 to over 40,000.

The previous events have marked the presence of popular faces, including Karen Gillan, Richard Gere, David Tennant, Alan Rickman, Peter Capaldi and Gemma Arterton.

This year, the festival is expected to attract even greater audience, with a grand premier of Mid90s. The organisers have defined it as a coming-of-age comedy-drama, of the 1990s’ Los Angeles.

The story is written and directed by Jonah Hill. It follows the protagonist, a young teenage boy, who falls in with a group of older teen skateboarders. The film features Sunny Suljic, Lucas Hedges and Katherine Waterston.

Besides, the closing film of the Glasgow Film Festival adaptation of Beats is based on the popular stage show by Kieran Hurley. It debuted at the Edinburgh Festival, in 2012.

The movie version is set in 1994, when the Criminal Justice Bill attempted to curb Scotland’s rave culture and the free party movement. The executive producer of the film is the award-winning director Steven Soderbergh.

This story of friendship and rebellion marks the debut of graduates of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Cristian Ortega and Lorn Macdonald. It also included an original soundtrack from Scottish DJ, JD Twitch.

More details on the full Glasgow Film Festival programme will be announced on January 23.

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