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Chelsea Flower Show: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Day with Children



Chelsea Flower Show

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has designed a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show. Her children, Prince George of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince Louis of Cambridge, along with their father Prince William visited the garden on Sunday.

The duchess aims to work on the early childhood development. Her garden aims to motivate children to spend more time outside, as she believes that helps the children in becoming “happy, healthy adults”. Her work will be unveiled at the Chelsea Flower Show in London this week.

Kate, in a letter to experts, wrote that it was “heart-breaking” to know there is a “long way to go” to make sure that all children grow up “happy, healthy, and equipped to be able to take every opportunity that comes their way”.

She further added, “I can understand that people [parents] are nervous about asking for help for fear of judgment, and how that sense of isolation can quickly become overriding and debilitating for any new parent.”

Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal), the official Instagram account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, shared the pictures taken by photographer Matt Porteous of the family bonding at the garden. The royal children could be seen running and playing with their parents in the pictures.

In one of the pictures, toddler Louis, who was wearing a shorts and a cardigan, could be seen trying a swing with his father’s support. Four-year-old Charlotte also tried swinging on the swing.

Prince Louis along with his father Prince William

Five-year-old Prince George could be seen swinging his legs over a stream along with his sister Charlotte.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Kate’s garden for the Chelsea Flower Show has been co-created by landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White, along with the Royal Horticultural Society. The garden aims to bring out the benefits nature has on ones’ physical and mental well-being.

Princess Charlotte

The pictures surely depict a well-spent, happy Sunday by the royal family.

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£2.4 Million of Tax Money Used for Renovation of Frogmore Cottage



Frogmore Cottage

The renovation of the Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, which is now home to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son Archie, amounted to £2.4 million of taxpayers’ money.

Before the birth of baby Archie, the cottage underwent huge construction work to turn the five properties into one single home for the royal couple and their son. The aim was to change the interior of the residential area into a more benefitting place, bringing in improvements in the existing infrastructure of the Frogmore Cottage.

The idea of entertainment and perfection in mind brought in the need for a luxury kitchen and bathroom, along with extra bedrooms for the other royal guests. Apart from updating the defective wooden ceilings and heating systems, new electrical substation, and gas and water mains were installed.

The Sovereign Grant undertook the work to turn the Frogmore Cottage into the official residence for the royal family by replacing the outdated furniture with more guaranteed ones. The process of the entire renovation work took six months as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the cottage ahead of Archie’s birth. The couple privately paid the charges for the fittings and the fixtures, as they wanted higher standards for their home.

As the work was in progress, the Queen remained informed about all the changes done. 

The Sovereign Grant, which was passed as an Act by the Parliament, allows the government to fund the Queen annually to fulfil her official duties. The grant is based on a quarter of the profits of the Crown Estate. The funds allotted for the year 2017-18 were twice from the previous financial year to finish the maintaining of the old palaces and updating of the decades old services at the Buckingham Palace.

Moreover, the Core Sovereign Grant, in the name of funding the Queen and her household, including travel, increased to £49.3 million this year to carry out the refurbishment project of the Buckingham Palace. Thus, the total Sovereign Grant for 2018-19 was £82.2 million. Out of this amount, the remaining £15.2 million was reserved to fund the future palace work. The 2020-21 grants might be set at £85.9 million.

It was observed that the royal household staff used the Frogmore Cottage as five properties, prior to Harry and Meghan’s moving in. The renovations done in the cottage thereby made it a single home for the family.

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Bike Escorting Prince William and Kate Hits Elderly Woman



Prince William

Amid the wave of contentment and successive joys that have been surrounding the royal family in the past, a small accident on Monday brought despair and an environment of sadness for both Prince William and Kate Middleton.

An 83-year-old woman was seriously injured after the royal couple’s marked police motorbike hit her in an accident, while they were travelling from London to Windsor.

The Duke of Cambridge is the elder son of the Prince of Wales and is second in the line of succession to the British throne. The incident brought great dismay to the royal couple and their family, successively raising questions on the safety measures provided to them.

The accident occurred at Upper Richmond Road in Richmond, south-west of London at around 12:50 BST, when the women collided with one of the Metropolitan Police Service motorbikes, while it was escorting to protect the royal motorcades, safeguarding the couple.

The witnesses claimed that the police escort was riding motorbike on the wrong side of the road while clearing traffic when the accident occurred. Post collision, the women named Irene was taken to the hospital in a critical condition. However, with the ongoing treatment, her condition has improved a little.

A few months back, Prince Philip, grandfather of Prince William, was also involved in a road accident. Prince Philip hit a minivan carrying two adults and a nine-month-old child with his Land Rover. The Duke of Edinburgh later issued an apology letter to the victims hurt in the accident.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were “deeply concerned and saddened” after  the accident and have been in constant touch with the woman. The royal fans have also claimed that Prince William and Kate have been sending flowers to the old woman, wishing for her full recovery.

In the wake of the accident, the Kensington Palace spokesperson said, “Their Royal Highnesses have sent their very best wishes to Irene and her family and will stay in touch throughout every stage of her recovery.”

Depending upon the severity of the issue, the Independent Office for Police Conduct investigation, which supervises and handles the complaints made against police forces in the country, has launched an independent investigation to understand the circumstances of the collision.

Post attending the scene of the incident, the officers said that the investigation was at its initial stages and the mystery would soon be resolved. They said that not only did the involved officer answer the questions related to the accident, but also he has been assisting in the investigations as a witness.

Following the incident, both Prince William and Kate have thereby been active in the news as they were headed to Windsor to commemorate the Order of the Garter for the St George’s Chapel service, along with other family members.

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Delighted Prince Harry’s First Father’s Day with Baby Archie




On the occasion of Father’s Day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a new sepia toned image of their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor on their Instagram account on Sunday. The image portrayed the royal baby holding his father’s hand while staring at the camera.

Along with the baby, who is now six-week-old, Prince Harry’s wedding ring was also clearly visible in the picture.

The caption of the post stated, “Happy Father’s Day! And wishing a very special first Father’s Day to The Duke of Sussex.”

This is the baby’s second picture on their Instagram account. Earlier in May, the royal couple had shared a picture on the occasion of Mother’s Day, capturing baby Archie’s feet in front of forget-me-not flowers, paying tribute to all the mothers. The caption stated, “Paying tribute to all mothers today, past, present, mothers-to-be, and those lost but forever remembered. We honour and celebrate each and every one of you.”

Moreover, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge also shared Father’s Day posts on Sunday. Congratulating the men across the world, they posted pictures with their sons and grandsons.

Baby Archie was less than a week old, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – who were delighted to become the newest parents – posted the picture. Their fans expressed huge love by liking the post more than two million times on Instagram. They even congratulated the royal couple on the arrival of the baby.

Prior to the baby’s birth, people started praying for its safe delivery. Discussions over the baby’s name and gender prevailed throughout the country, while sending gifts, as a measure of expressing their happiness became a common ground for all. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have always supported charity, expressed their gratitude towards their fans and urged them to donate the baby gifts to the disadvantaged sector.

Recently, it was also reported that Prince Harry would visit Africa along with his wife and baby Archie to fulfil his mother’s legacy. Taking his family members along denotes his dedication towards them as a husband and a father. Besides taking care of his family, the Duke of Sussex would devote much of his time doing charity work in Africa.

Baby Archie is the seventh in line in order of succession to the British throne. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were excited to start up a family of their own, have been very proud with the addition of a new member. After years of watching the upbringing of children of other families, the couple has become fond of fulfilling their newest role as a parent.

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Prince Harry Proposes African Tour to fulfill his Mother’s Legacy



Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been planning to take an African trip from quite some time now. According to the recent reports, the tour denotes the fact that Harry wants to follow his late mother’s footsteps, learning and succeeding her humanitarian and conservation work.

The royal couple would also take their month-old baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor along with them. As a part of the plan, Prince Harry would initially travel to Angola, a southern African nation.

The reason for his visit to that particular place is, his mother Princess Diana was last seen visiting Angola in January 1997, just a few months before she died in a tragic accident in Paris. Her ambition was to help other people, rather than caring for her own life.

In the war-torn African nation, Princess Diana became the first women to have walked through an active minefield in Angola. She made full efforts to clear landmines that spread across the country with the help of a land mine removal expert, who was a member of the Hazardous Areas Life-Support Organization (HALO) and in charge of demining mission in Angola. She herself was a benefactor of the trust.

Princess Diana’s trip portrayed huge media coverage in the past. After more than two decades of her death, her son Harry wants to visit the place to pay a tribute to his mother and finish the anti-landmine work that she started.

Since Harry’s announcement to visit Africa, the police and officials have been conducting strict investigations and checking to ensure the royal family’s safety upon their arrival.  

It has been highly anticipated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex along with their baby are planning to stay in Africa for around six months. Prince Harry, being highly influenced by his mother and her selfless nature, would dedicate his entire time in Africa to his charity work. He would also be travelling to Malawi, where his registered charity Sentebale operates with the aim of helping poor people. Post that the royal family is expected to further visit South Africa and Botswana together.

Prince Harry’s trip to Africa comes at a time when he himself has become a parent and taking his family along with him indicates the fact that despite his responsibilities towards fulfilling his mother’s legacy, he loves his family equally and wants them to show the places that have positively affected his mind and soul following his mother’s death.  

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Curtains on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Relations Could Fall Soon



bradley cooper , lady gaga

The fan predictions might become a reality of the charming chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper!

Since the two worked together in the musical romantic movie A Star is Born, the on-screen couple started to bewilder the audiences with their connection shortly after the release. With increasing public appearances sparked several speculations over their relationship status. However, Bradley Cooper’s split with his long-time girlfriend Irina Shayk allowed the fans to call their conjectures true!

While the on-screen romance had already bewitched the audience, the performance of Lady Gaga and her co-star on their famous song “Shallow” at Las Vegas and Oscars made them love their chemistry even more. It is when the fans began looking them as more than “just friends”.

Despite the hype, the “Million Reasons” singer has constantly denied any link with Cooper, saying that they are very good friends. However, the two felt a connection since they first met.

“From the moment we met, I felt a kindred spirit in him,” Lady Gaga stated to the TIME magazine. “And as soon as I heard him sing, I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew he could play a rock star. Actually, he’s the only actor on the planet who could play this one.”

Bradley Cooper also stated at EW that they had an immediate chemistry “from the moment [we met]”. Besides, the 44-year-old also said that Gaga knows every single thing about his life. “She knows everything about me — everything. There is not one thing she doesn’t know, and I believe the same for me,” he said.

It wasn’t too late when the fans starting believing that the 33-year-old singer could become a reason for Cooper’s split with the mother of his daughter, Lea De Seine. After the steamy duet at Oscars, Shayk was reportedly “fed up” of reading about the stories between her husband and Gaga. The feud between the two ladies was also spotted when the Russian model unfollowed Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account.

Last week, the couple ended their four-year relationship, which was “hanging on by a thread”. Besides, Gaga too ended her two-year relationship with her fiancé, music mogul Christian Carino. In February, she confirmed about ending her engagement with the 50-year-old.

The situation raised several questions from the fans at Lady Gaga, who had to face multiple taunts at her recent show in Las Vegas. On Saturday, the singer blasted her fans while she was on stage, after they heckled her by asking where Bradley Cooper was.

Before performing the break-out hit from their film, “Shallow”, she told the crowd, “And one more thing, be kind or f**k off.”

Although many believe that Lady Gaga is one of the prime reasons for the split between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, she refuses to accept it. While she has been denying it all, the visible off-screen connection between the two forces us to believe otherwise. Well, no matter how hard they try to hide their relation, the chemistry is too apparent to remain behind the curtains.

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