Jermy Corbyn

Theresa May and her Brexit plans continue to dodge the market trends as instability factors continue to dominate the markets. The analysts fear no-Brexit as the biggest threat to the economy, however the recent annual conference of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives this week, showed no signs of worry.

At the annual conference there was a man whose name was repeatedly taken and to utter surprise it was not her Brexit adversary Boris Johnson. Jermy Corbyn and his Labour party thrashed May last year of her parliamentary majority. The opposition questioned May’s vision to see through her road map of leaving the European Union and the chaos it can trigger.

Therefore, at the recent conference, May returned back the favor to Jermy Corbyn without any regret. Already known by cynical nature in the British Media, the socialist is winning the support of younger voters the Tories will need, as their old-school support fades away into the thin air.

The recent gathering was subject to discuss on taking back control of the industries, ending university tution fees and spending more on public services. According to a count by Bloomberg, seventeen of the party’s top officials mentioned Corbyn a total of 43 times in their platform speeches. While May individually called out the name for an astounding seven times.

The prime minister attacked Corbyn’s policies and directly called for an action to pledge to end the austerity, which has forced voters into the socialist leader’s arms. She also emphasized that local authorities would be free to borrow more to build affordable housing, which the opposition party would never want to happen.

“Labour’s solutions are simplistic and beguiling but counter-productive,” Justine Greening, a former education secretary in May’s government, told delegates at a fringe meeting. “It’s a really hard-left Labour Party at the moment and I don’t think that’s what people want. People just want practical solutions to the problems they’re facing in life.”

Besides, the strategic compliance given by Johnson, the face of pro-Brexit campaign, also states that the nation should have the confidence to completely exist without the EU. The issue however, with Conservatives is that it appears that a group of younger generation is magnetized by what Party’s Chairman Brandon described as Corbyn’s “dangerous left-wing ideas.”

“We as a party would be fools if we suggest we can just wait for people to come to us and cast their votes for us in time,” said Cabinet Office Minister Chloe Smith. “We’ve got to go out and win those votes and be worth those votes.”

In the midst of all the chaos lies a record for the Tories, calling for poorly paid jobs and the perception in the region across Britain’s that they are neglected.

“A lot of people feel a deep sense of redundancy and powerlessness in our society,” Freeman said. “We need to be thinking about those deep anxieties about insecurity and if we don’t grasp those we’re going to see Jermy Corbyn as prime minister.”

Besides, David Cameron, May’s predecessor, back in 2006 pointed out that it was high time to stop “banging on about Europe” because it was hindering them from getting its other policies across. Astonishingly, he then went on to win the election four years later, only for the EU to impose its ideology on the party, and now the country again.

“We’ve basically had a caretaker government for the past two years in the sense that Brexit has completely defined the agenda,” said Robert Norman, 20, a student who has been coming to the conferences since he turned 18. “We need to get a re-energized purpose in the Conservative party.”

It is hard to say, who will come out on the top amidst the potential crisis that people of Britain fear. Besides, for May the internal policies and the ongoing issues can only be resolved via Britain’s complete exit from EU.