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Humans Who Swam Along a Human-Sized Jellyfish




When no one could have imagined, a pair of diver gave the world a video of a giant jellyfish swimming off the south-western tip of England. The unusual encounter of the jelly jackpot of biologist Lizzie Daly and underwater cinematographer Dan Abbott was shared on Facebook last week.

The video soon became viral and people got to witness a hulking barrel jellyfish – Rhizostoma pulmo, a rarely seen species that can grow as large as an adult human.

As the pair dived off the coast of Cornwall, they ran into the giant creature as it emerged out of the murky water. Both Daly and Abbott swam alongside the peach-coloured creature gliding through the water at least for an hour.

“It really humbles you to be alongside an animal that size,” said Daly. “It’s an experience we’ll never forget.”

On Saturday, July 13, the two went to explore the waters part of Daly’s campaign “Wild Ocean Week”, under which a number of videos showcasing the quirks of the deep are shared to help raise funds for the UK’s Marine Conservation Society.

Abbott said, “My first reaction was that I’ve never seen a jellyfish that size in my life,” and then he focused on attempting to film the “beautiful, majestic, slow-moving, graceful animal”.

Barrel jellyfish is also called the dustbin-lid jellyfish, characterized by a large, eight puffy arms capped by stinging tentacles and a globular head. The species is the largest jellyfish found in the UK waters, and could typically grow up to one meter (3.2 feet) and weight up to 25 kilograms (55 lbs). During the summer months, they sometimes wash up on the shore, but Daly says it’s unusual for a diver to swim along with one of the massive blobs.

Despite being the size of a human, the species is nothing when compared to the lion’s mane jellyfish, Cyanea capillata, which is world’s largest. A coldwater jelly, it is known for its galaxy of 1,200 long and trailing tentacles, which can bring an individual creature’s total body length to up to 120 feet (36.5 meters).

About their experience, Daly said she wasn’t at all afraid about swimming next to the jelly. Moreover, she hopes to inspire others to get excited about the ocean through the video.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Listed Amongst Top Global Landmarks



Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Listed Amongst Top Global Landmarks

Known for hosting flocks of tourists every year, Abu Dhabi has once again trounced other nations with attractions that are just irresistible. One of the most pivotal architectural grandeur of the emirates, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was recently pronounced as the global top attraction.

Since the gates of the mosque were opened in 2007, it has not just captivated the locals, but has also enchanted the international travelers. Described by many as the most beautiful mosques in the United Arab Emirates; it is also the emirates’ largest. With a capacity of 40,000, it has surpassed the space of the Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium.

On July 23, an American travel website, TripAdvisor listed the architectural work of art number three in its list of top ten landmarks in the world. The platform reportedly considered over 750 landmarks, located in 68 countries and eight different regions globally, as a part of its Travelers Choice Awards.

“Grand is an understatement. The architecture, the white marble and the beautifully maintained green gardens are stunning,” wrote TripAdvisor. It also described the mosque as “by far the youngest world landmark”, adding that it “holds its own against more established icons”.

The Grand Mosque took 11 years to offer the world a state-of-the-art architect with an elegant Arabian touch. As per the reports, more than 3000 workers constructed it, using high-quality materials such as gold, crystal, marble, ceramics and semi-precious stones.

It is comprised of 82 domes, four Minaret towers, seven imported chandeliers and millions of crystals. The interior of the mosque has also been enhanced with a 35 tonnes carpet, considered the heaviest and largest across the globe. At nights, the lights inside illuminate, and also get brighter with the phases of the moon.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a creation to emphasize the contributions and achievements of founder of the UAE, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Its vision was to unify the Islamic culture with the customs of rest of the world, and make it a common place for both worshippers and visitors.

The mosque incorporates architectural styles from various Muslim civilizations. By far, the Grand Mosque stands as one of the most royal and luxurious creations in the entire UAE, celebration its founder late Sheikh Zayed; the country’s religion, Islam; and its most important feature, tourism.

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Guaranteed Trick to Getting Right Swiped on Tinder Every Time



Guaranteed Trick to Getting Right Swiped on Tinder Every Time

In a world filled with problems that affect the pace of our daily lives, what the people of the 21st century desire the most is love. The problem grows when even something like Tinder fails at fixing your broken heart, as you end up being swiped left more often than right.

However, left swipes aren’t the end of the world especially since you can turn them into right swipe with a simple Tinder trick.

All in the Timing

Timing on Tinder is one of the most important aspect. Notably, people often use Tinder, while they are on-the-go or have nothing important to do. However, as per Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, Tinder’s most right-swiped man, that is not the right way to get your perfect date.

As per Stefan-Pierre, the best time to find your match is 2pm on a Sunday. This is peak time “because everyone is so hungover, feeling a bit sorry for themselves and literally everyone is indoors on their phone – especially in the winter.”

Besides, if you are not the kind of person who would love to spend their weekend sitting on Tinder, you can increase your chances of finding the match after 10.30pm, on any week night.

Pictures Worth a Million Words

Before you are officially underway exchanging your thoughts with your right swipe, your selection of pictures will portray a million words. As per Tinder’s most right-swapped man, your first photo should feature a brightly-colored background. This is because bright background multiplies the chances of your profile standing out.

Apart from it, you must also include a “sexy holiday picture” to make your selection rich and varied. Notably, including every picture where you are doing something different can also help you establish a different identity.

So, before you open Tinder next time, don’t forget to check if it’s still Tinder-o-clock or not.

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Second Hand Rare Edition of Harry Potter Book Sold for £28,500



Harry Potter Book

The rare edition’s owner, a 54-year-old woman, for the sake of holiday reading bought the book at the cost of £1 during a sale 20 years ago. Post reading the book, she placed it in her cupboard and forgot about it. She came to know about the first edition when she invited Hansons’ auctioneer Jim Spencer to her house in Staffordshire to value three boxes of books.

A rare first edition of Harry Potter book that was bought from a table top sale for mere £1 has been sold for a whooping £28,500 during an auction.

Written by novelist JK Rowling, the book is one of the first editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. On June 30, 1997, Bloomsbury published the first print run of 500 Harry Potter books, which was sent to schools and libraries. These books were withdrawn later with the discovery of two typographical errors in the novel’s text, making it a rare edition.

The rare edition of the book misspelled the word “philosopher’s” on the back page and had a double mention of “1 wand” on page 53 in an equipment list, which led to its withdrawal.

Spencer, found the “Holy Grail” of Potter books in the row. He discovered that it was a previously withdrawn library book. On the inside page he found a label reading “Staffordshire Libraries Arts and Archives” with the date of September 19, 1997.

The auction of the Harry Potter book was listed on the author’s birthday. Three phone bidders battled for the rare edition and at last, it was sold at £28,500 at Bishton Hall, Staffordshire on Wednesday. With the added fees on the overall price, it became a total of £35,340. An anonymous buyer bought the auctioned book over the phone.

The seller remained happy with the auction. She even said, “I can’t believe it. It’s what I’d hoped for but I never really believed my book would make that price. I knew another Harry Potter first edition had sold for £28,000 but I was panicking as there had been no bids prior to the sale.”

“When I checked to see if it had sold, I was amazed,” she added.

Since their release, the Harry Potter books have had a huge impact throughout the globe and would always remain a landmark in children’s literature.

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Fear Flying? Meeting Captain Could be a Solution!



flying phobia

In a fast-moving world, stress has become constant of several people’s life, who keep looking newer options for an escape. In such changing lifestyles, many usually opt to travel overseas, explore new places and take few days off from the regular chaos. Besides, travelling has also emerged as a profession, giving rise to the travel bloggers, across the globe.

With travelling, flying has also become a part and parcel of various lives. However, while the typic travellers consider it a ‘no big deal’, many commuters do panic and experience a mental challenge as they board a plane.

A research by the National Institute of Mental Health in America revealed that between 2.5 to 6.5 per cent people polled have a full blown flying phobia, which could be described as an intense, though irrational, fear.

Flying anxiety is a common trait amongst several travellers, and is called Aviophobia. A lot of people facing such problems often look for ways to deal with the panic while commuting. A former commercial airline pilot Tom Bunn recently shared certain ways to deal with the issue. With 35-years experience in aviation industry, Bunn is now a licensed therapist specializing in flying phobia and anxieties.

Here are some of the expert advice that the airline veteran shared:

Ask to meet the Captain

Bunn stated that the passengers with flying phobia should try and meet the captain, as it could make them feel less lonely during their flight. “It also puts you in personal contact with control,” he said. “You will sense their competence and confidence.”

As not every airlines will offer the privilege to meet the pilot, so Bunn also suggests to tell the flight attendants about your phobia before boarding. However, in case the passengers get to meet the captain, they are adviced to explain their anxieties in short. And, if you feel its silly, just make a joke about your fears but address.

Learn about an airplanes movements

A little jitters in the flight, and some passengers just panic. Bunn stated that it is important to understand the noises or movements that plane makes, as it helps in keeping calm. Afterall, knowledge is power.

“On some takeoffs, we reduce power after reaching about one thousand feet,” which is usually within first 30 seconds, explained Bunn. “[The sound] can be frightening if you don’t know what it’s all about.”

Overthinking is not healthy

Especially on flights! One should always stay in present and curb themselves from imagining the worst case scenarios they read in papers. The news headlines about crashes often triggers people with flying anxiety.

“During the flight, focus on what is really happening, not what you imagine,” says Bunn.

Obsessing over potential happening, rather than focusing on the present, will only worsen the situation. Track your emotions. “Feelings are hard to ignore when they get big. Instead of blocking them, notice them as soon as you can,” says Bunn. “Manage them by tracking your anxiety level on a scale of zero to ten.”

Block out the noises of the plane

They say music is the best solution to every situation, even to tackle in-flight panics. Make your headphones your best friend, and never travel without them. Good music won’t just keep you calm, but will also assist in noise cancelling.

“Music keeps the auditory channel of your mind occupied,” says Bunn. So make your own flying playlist and enjoy it.

Next time you are in a plane, just recall Bunn’s advice and bid good-bye to your flying anxieties.

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