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Jeremy Kyle “Utterly Devastated” over Shutdown of his Show

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Jeremy Kyle

The Jeremy Kyle Show host Jeremy Kyle is disappointed and upset as the show has shut down permanently.

The show, which was being aired regularly since 2005, featured feuds between friend or family members on various subjects and the settlement by a lie detector test.

Following the death of a 63-year-old guest Steve Dymond, the broadcasting channel first decided to not broadcast the show in which the guest participated. However, soon amidst the pressure of the MP’s and public, the show has been permanently axed.

In his interview with media in regards with the shutdown of the show and death of a guest, Kyle said, “Myself and the production team I worked with for the last 14 years are all utterly devastated by the recent events. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Steve’s family at this incredibly sad time.”

ITV chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall declared on Wednesday morning that the show has been axed “given the gravity of recent events”. She said, “The Jeremy Kyle Show has had a loyal audience and has been made by a dedicated production team for 14 years, but now is the right time for the show to end.”

“Everyone at ITV’s thoughts and sympathies are with the family and friends of Steve Dymond,” she added.

According to the sources, Jeremy Kyle could be provided with a payout of £3 million, an amount similar to his annual income from the show.

The show came into light following the death of a guest, who participated in the show along with his fiancée to prove he was not guilty of cheating. But, the lie detector test showed otherwise.

Various guests shared mixed experiences about their appearances on The Jeremy Kyle Show and the after-care provided to them.

While, one of the guests, who claimed that the lie detector test provided false result, said that he was traumatised after the show. The show’s after-care provided an advice on the call and said, “Well it’s OK, you know, it’s time to move on, put it behind you.”

On the other hand, another guest claimed that the show and its after-care programme did help pass through the trauma and defended him whenever needed.

Damian Collins, chairman of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, in regards to the show said, “Programmes like The Jeremy Kyle Show risk putting people who might be vulnerable on to a public stage at a point in their lives when they are unable to foresee the consequences, either for themselves or their families.”

“With an increasing demand for this type of programming, we’ll be examining broadcasting regulation in this area – is it fit for purpose?” he added.

As the guests, who appeared, shared mixed appearances about the show hosted by Jeremy Kyle, the suspension of the show might be a decision taken in haste. A proper investigation on the cause of the death along with independent examination on the after-care provided to the participants might help clear the air about the show.

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Gigi Hadid Declares the Love of Her Life in a Valentine’s Day Post

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Gigi Shares Zayn’s Picture for Valentine’s Day

They separated, but the world didn’t accept and neither did they. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are in a single news together, again!

The world-famous “Pillow Talk” couple couldn’t handle staying away from each other, and the fans couldn’t deal with it too. A reunion declaration through a sweet Valentine’s Day post left us all in awe. The American supermodel confirmed that she is back together with the former One Direction singer.

On Friday, Gigi shared a picture of Zayn Malik on her alternate Instagram account, @gisposable. The account is only used for the pictures that the 24-year-old takes from her disposable camera. The most recent picture displays her ex boyfriend posing in an empty pasture, in a black coat with a furry black collar and a ski cap.

“HEY VALENTINE,” Gigi Hadid wrote, adding, “Z on the farm ♡ Dec 2019.”

View this post on Instagram

HEY VALENTINE Z on the farm ♡ Dec 2019

A post shared by Gi’sposables 📸 (@gisposable) on

The picture is from the couple’s holiday trip to Yolanda Hadid’s Pennsylvania farm. Gigi’s mother had purchased the farm in 2017 to stay closer to her children, who spend most of their days in the New York City.

It probably is the one-true-love, where even the official declaration of separating didn’t seem like one. Recently, there have been reports that the two have been working to strengthen their relationship. However, both Zayn and Gigi didn’t want to rush into a relationship.

“They got back together very recently,” said a source. “They have been trying to make it work for three months but it has been slow and steady.”

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik first started dating in November 2015, and since then it has been quite an on-and-off relationship. After two years of giving some serious couple goals to the world, they split in March 2018. Despite that, there were moments of their rekindled romance over social media, before the two separated again in January 2019.

The two still managed to stay friends and by the end of that year, the reconciliation hints were there again. In December, Gigi left the fans curious, when she shared a picture of a meal she was cooking according to a recipe from Zayn’s mother, Trisha Brannan Malik. The two were also spotted walking arms-in-arms in the New York City on Zayn’s birthday, last month.

At last, the Valentine’s Day post by Gigi has confirmed that they are back together, and fans can’t have enough of them. The world has missed Zayn Malik next to Gigi Hadid on several occasions in past several months. Well, it still does, but now only in the Insta picture!

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Attempt to Improve Social Image Leaves Jussie Smollet with Six Charges

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Jussie Smollet

Fabricating false stories for gaining attention seems to be an easy method for celebrities who do not see any harm in using ill methods for becoming successful. But things went a bit too far for former Empire actor, Jussie Smollet when he tried to put himself as the subject of a racist and homophobic attack in Chicago in January 2019.

The American actor and singer was indicted with six charges by a special prosecutor, Dan Webb in Illinois yesterday. Authorities claim that Smollet had staged the whole attack on himself purely for publicity by paying two masked men. The actor claimed all these accusations to be false.

Speaking to the police, Smollet said that he had been punched in the face. Camera recordings revealed that the two men poured some “unknown chemical substance” on the TV actor. He added that the attackers referred to the MAGA slogan (Make America Great Again), which is often used by President Trump and his supporters.

Post investigation by the police, the two attackers were identified as Nigerian brothers – Abel and Ola Osundairo. On being probed, the brothers told the police that Jussie Smollet had paid them to attack him with the aim to boost his celebrity profile and earning. In response, Smollet has sued the city for malicious prosecution.

Post the incident, Smollet successfully gained support of Empire co-stars – Viola Davis, T.I. and Janelle Monae, who tweeted messages showing support. Celebrities all over the world showed concern for the actor and he became a household name almost overnight. In one way, Smollet did gain success by his hoax plan, but this lasted only for a while.

Further police investigation revealed that the incident did not actually happen as Jussie Smollet put it. Police Chief Eddie Gallagher accused him of wasting police time and aggravating race relations in Chicago. Based on his statements, Smollet leveraged the ‘attack’ for getting a pay hike.

Recent statements from the August assigned prosecutor Dan Webb reveal claim that the actor was charged with “making four separate false reports to Chicago Police Department officers related to his false claims that he was the victim of a hate crime, knowing that he was not the victim of a crime”. The next court hearing is scheduled for 24 February.

For compensating the overtime paid to officers who dealt with the investigation of his case, the city is seeking payment of more than $130,000 from Jussie Smollet, who in turn has filed a counter suit.

Hoax incidents like this one are a clear reflection of the importance that people levy on public image these days. Money-minded attitude and the wish to become increasingly popular oftentimes forces people to adopt illicit means in life. As its evident, spread of video and photos via social media are the most mainstream method used by celebrities to speed the process of success.

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Few Optimistic as Prince Charles Makes Katy Perry Ambassador for British Asian Trust

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British Asian Trust

35-year old American singer and songwriter, Katy Perry has been appointed as the ambassador of the British Asian Trust by Prince Charles. The charity, founded in 2007, supports programs related to education, poverty, inequality and human trafficking in South Asia.

The announcement, made at a black tie reception in London on February 4, has received extended criticism from many people as Katy Perry is neither South Asian nor British. She is looking forward to “help shine her light on the work that the British Asian Trust will be doing in South Asia”.

After witnessing a good success rate in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the Trust recently made its entry into Bangladesh. Some people expressed their dejection about the decision by Prince Charles.

Fashion Director of SuperSuper magazine, Namalee Bolle wrote on Twitter that this is colonialism at its finest. “Of course we want to help on the biggest platform possible. But can’t we find a South Asian worldwide representative instead of someone renowned for cultural appropriation and tone deafness?”

Some people have accepted Prince Charles’ decision with great regard. TV presenter, Anila Chawdhry said that seeing Katy Perry as the ambassador of British Asian Trust was a bit of an eye roll as “the charity clearly thinks no-one from the charity is big enough from the minority community to get their message across into mainstream.”

Chawdhry said, “But it is important to have diversity in charities to reach different communities and get the message out there.”

British Indian musician-producer-composer, Nitin Sawhney stressed, “I think as long as there is desi representation, which there is, then it’s good to have non-desi ambassadors too.” He emphasised that anyone having a profile with a different demographic following can surely help a cause. Moreover, “It’s important to be inclusive as Asians as well as the other round.”

Seen from another light, many people think that criticising the decision of Prince Charles is switching to the lane of racism. BBC presenter Sonali Shah said, “Supporting those in need in South Asia isn’t just the job of British Asians. She cares. And so should you”.

British Asian Trust is optimistic about Katy Perry joining them as one spokesman said, “We are delighted to have Katy raising awareness of the shocking crime of child trafficking and child exploitation.”

Prince Charles’ love for plants and his “eccentric” trait of conversing with them has always raised questions about his sanity. An African author-educator-conservationist-journalist is seen as the driving force behind Prince of Wales dire love for plants.

The criticism showered on Prince Charles and Katy Perry surely has undertones of racism in it and is certainly not nice considering the agenda behind it.

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2020 BAFTA: Joaquin Phoenix Drops a Thought to Ponder Upon

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2020 BAFTA: Joaquin Phoenix Drops a Thought to Ponder Upon

The 2020 BAFTA came with an all-whites acting nominees and distributed awards, but Joaquin Phoenix couldn’t leave the stage without pointing out the flaws behind the fab!

Acing every single award show this year, the new face of Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is receiving love from across the world for his impeccable performance in Todd Phillips’ movie. After winning titles in three shows, the actor won hearts at the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) with his acceptance speech.

As he won the 2020 BAFTA Best Leading Actor award for Joker on Sunday, Phoenix used the platform to “dismantle” the “system of oppression”. He was heard denouncing BAFTA’s closed doors for “people of color”, stating that the issue calls for attention and cannot be neglected.

Although he appreciated the support from the BAFTA organization and was “honoured”, the actor also was “ashamed” as “so many of my fellow actors who are deserving don’t have that same privilege”.

“I think that’s the message that we’re sending to people that have contributed so much to our medium and our industry and in ways that we benefit from,” Phoenix said.

Controversies around 2020 BAFTA emerged last month, when the British Academy of Film and Television Arts revealed that in the four film acting categories, no people of color were nominated. Fears of a boycott against this year’s ceremony heightened as the hashtag #BaftasSoWhite began to trend following the all-white acting nominees’ announcement.

However, Joaquin Phoenix also counted himself as “part of the problem” saying that he didn’t do “everything in my power” and that “not all sets I’ve worked on are inclusive”.

“I don’t think anybody wants a handout or preferential treatment, although that’s what we give ourselves every year,” he continued. “I think people want to be appreciated and respected for their work.”

While most of the winners usually take it as an opportunity to thank those who helped them in their journey, Joaquin Phoenix is mostly seen leaving the viewers and fans with food for thought. Even during his acceptance speech at the 2020 Golden Globes on winning the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama category, the actor spoke about Australia wildfires and climate change.

“It’s great to vote, but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives. We don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs for the awards,” the 45-year-old had said.

In his closing remarks, BAFTA’s President Prince William expressed his “frustration” and said, “We find ourselves talking again about the need to do more to ensure diversity in the sector and the awards process. That simply cannot be right in this day and age.”

While one award show, 2020 BAFTA has left with a single criticism speech, world’s greatest ceremony is yet to come following a similar line. The 2020 Oscars will be held this month, and are being viewed as the next stain on the industry of this era. The nominees list of Oscars was dominated by male and whites, and also earned reprimand by many.

A messenger of better society, the film industry is required to spread information for a better global future. The award shows in 2020 are definitely raising issues, but all in the wrong direction.

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Kobe Bryant Memorial: Lakers Nation Sinks in an Emotional Arena

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Kobe Bryant Memorial: Lakers Nation Sinks in an Emotional Arena

The team came together again, but this time an empty courtside seat only had a jersey of Number 24.

A week after the grave loss of legendary Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers were at the Staples Center. However, for the first time the arena spoke more about grieve, hurt and tributes, than it did of the game spirit.

With a heart flowing of emotions and eyes having trouble holding back the tears, LeBron James opened the pregame ceremony for the former Lakers guard. The team leader started by taking the names and remembering the nine victims of Sunday’s helicopter crash.

James dropped his prepared note on the floor and went “straight from the heart” for four minutes, ahead of facing the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night. For him, the “memorial for Kobe” was a “celebration” of his life with the Lakers “family”.

“Tonight, we celebrate the kid that came here at 18 years of age, retired at 38 and became probably the best dad that we’ve seen over the last three years, man. Tonight is a celebration,” he expressed.

Promising to continue the legacy of his “brother”, LeBron James ended “in the words of Kobe Bryant, ‘Mamba out’ but in the words of us, ‘not forgotten.’ Live on, brother”.

Hours before the match, James took to Instagram and posted a picture on Instagram with Bryant, along with a photo of tribute tattoo to the ‘Lord of the Rings’. The tattoo is a black snake with numbers 8 and 24, which read, “Mamba 4 Life”.

Two courtside seats in the arena were left with the jerseys for Kobe Bryant’s No. 24 and his daughter Gianna Bryant’s No. 2, honoured with red roses by the Lakers. On December 29, the father and daughter occupied same seats at their appearance in a match between teams of James and Dallas’ Luka Doncic at Stables Center.

In an Instagram post, Bryant’s wife shared a photo with caption, “There is no #24 without #2.”

On Twitter, Mayor Eric Garcetti also shared a similar photo and wrote, “For Kobe. For Gianna. For all those we lost. For those we will always love. For L.A.”

The emotional pregame tribute continued with a poignant version of “Amazing Grace” by singer and another stirring rendition of the national anthem by the R&B legends Boys II Men, who performed while wearing Kobe Bryant #8 jerseys.

During the halftime, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth took the floor to honour Bryant, his daughter and all the other victims of the crash. In a beautifully melodious duet, Puth and Khalifa sang “See You Again”.

“To the late Kobe Bryant,” Wiz Khalifa said, as they were finishing the performance. “Peace and blessing to his entire family. His legacy is gonna be remembered. We love you Kobe.”

The “See You Again” performance took the internet by storm, where a large number of people said that the performance left them emotional and in tears.

A writer at Barstool Sports, Eric Hubbs tweeted that he “was doing fine until they started playing See You Again”.

Tyson Beck, a freelance designer shared an art piece he created and wrote, “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to make.”

In an emotional arena on Friday night, it became difficult for the Lakers to with the first match since Bryant’s death. However, it wasn’t the lost game that left the Lakers nation heartbroken.

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