London Police Discovers Improvised Explosive Devices

United Kingdom has been under a threat level of international terrorism since long. The country has experienced several terror attacks in recent years. On November 21, 2018, another alarming incident was witnessed in London.

The police on Wednesday discovered two improvised explosive devices in an apartment, and stated that the case involves counter terrorism command. Police officials are looking for answers on how the devices came into the place.

The apartment is situated in the Craven Park section in Harlesden, northwest London. The reports of suspicious devices came up during the cleaning of block of apartments.

Neighbors in the area claim that the apartment was unoccupied from a very long time. The owner of the residence, who is a military man, was raided by the police on the same day. However, later the police believed that he has no links to any terrorist organization. The neighbors also described that the fifty-year-old man as a quiet person, who lives alone in the flat.

Hassan, a kitchen porter, said, “I’ve lived here since August and I see him sometimes, but he could disappear for some time.”

“He has been away quite a bit in the last months – he spoke all the time about his daughter,” he added.

Residents were kept outside for nine hours, while the specialist officers were working to deactivate the bombs.

A local man, John Hamilton said, “The whole road was shut off with police everywhere. I was told to stay inside because police had found a dangerous package there in the flats.”

The unoccupied apartment was being refurbished. Police said that the Improvised Explosive devices were IEDs and they were rendered safe.

In last couple of year, UK has experienced several deadly attacks. On March 27, 2017, a knife-and-car attack took place on Westminster Bridge near the Parliament, under which five people — including police officer Keith Palmer — were killed.

Besides, in June 2017, three attackers drove a vehicle into pedestrians on the London Bridge and set off a stabbing rage at a nearby market. This attack took lives of three people and later, assaulters were killed by the police.