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Man pleads guilty over killing the mother of Olympic athlete Chris Boardman

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Chris Boardman

A man has pleaded guilty for killing the mother of Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, through careless driving. Boardman won gold in 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Liam Rosney, 33, pleaded guilty prior to his trial on Monday at the Mold Crown court. He admitted killing Carol Boardman by careless driving. However, he denied the serious charge of causing her death by dangerous driving.

On July 16, 2016, Carol Boardman, mother of Chris Boardman who won gold in 1992 Barcelona Olympics, fell from her bicycle on a mini-roundabout in Connah’s Quay, North Wales and was hit by Rosney’s Mitsubishi pickup truck.

The 75-year old was taken to the hospital after suffering multiple injuries. She later died in the hospital.

Matthew Curtis, prosecuting, said the court has vigilantly considered the case and the situation. “In those circumstances we do not invite a trial in relation to count one,” Curtis said.

A jury that was sworn in for the trial and was expected to last three or four days, but was discharged after the guilty plea of Rosney. The prosecution alleged that Rosney, of Connah’s Quay, was talking over the phone with his wife, seconds before the crash took place.

Curtis claimed that Rosney attended three phone calls minutes before the crash happened. The car did not have a hands-free facility.

Curtis said: “The phone was being used on speaker mode, not requiring the defendant to handle the phone as he was talking, but plainly to accept or reject or end calls. The call ended prior to entry on to the roundabout, we know that from billing data.”

“What we will say the case is, then, is that the defendant continued to be distracted by a) the telephone calls which he had been taking, and b) his mobile telephone, which was on the passenger seat inside his vehicle. We know he did not see Mrs Boardman and first realised he may have collided with her when his vehicle was physically riding over Mrs Boardman’s body.”

Curtis said that a witness, Kayleigh Anders, saw Rosney looking down towards his lap and talking, it gave an impression that he was still on the phone.

In July, Rosney had faced trial, but the jury was discharged. He and his wife were charged for subverting the course of justice for allegedly deleting the call logs from their phone. However, the charges were later dropped.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said the guilty plea would attract some credit when Rosney was being sentenced but “nowhere near as much” as it would have if it had been made when he was on trial in July.

Chris Boardman took to Twitter to pay tributes to his mother, shortly after her death.

“Our mum was the most positive, outgoing person you could ever hope to meet and her generosity of spirit inspired everyone she met,” he said.

“Many of our childhood memories involve my mother and the outdoors, walking out over Hoylake sandbank, swimming in the deep gullies or hunting for fossils on Llandegla Moor in North Wales.

“Wanting to share her passion for cycling, even well into her 70s, she often took groups of young novices out on their first forays into North Wales. We love you Carol, may the wind be ever at your back.”


Uber Driver with Hate-Filled Ideology Guilty of Terror Attack in London

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Terror attack

Last updated on February 12th, 2020

Terror attack planned with the intention to kill innocent people is considered as a common story in the UK. Unleashing terror under the ‘dreams of martyrdom’ clearly reflects the insane ideology that continues to exist in the minds of such people who feel the least guilt about committing such crimes.

Accused of plotting jihadist attacks on Madame Tussauds and Gay Pride parade last summer, ex-Uber driver Mohiussunnath Chowdhury has been finally found guilty of committing the terror offences at the Woolwich Crown Court today. Eight hours and 39 minutes long deliberations resulted in the jury announcing its verdict against Chowdhury, who reportedly showed no emotion on hearing the decision. However, his sister, who has been held partially responsible for claiming to be unaware of the terror attack, was seen crying at the dock.

The 28-year-old, from Luton, was arrested for terror attack in 2018 and declared guilty yesterday as the jury blamed him for attacks at London’s famous tourist spots Madame Tussauds and Gay Pride parade and an open-top tour bus.

In December 2018, Chowdhury was accused of being armed with a sword and shouting “Allahu Akbar” outside the Queen’s London residence. At that time, his lawyer saved him saying that he was trying to get himself killed by some police officer and did not have any intentions of hurting innocent people.

Despite of the fact that Chowdhury has been quite vocal about his hate-filled ideology which could be clearly understood from the virtues of martyrdom he posted online just a week after his release in 2018, it took the jury more than a year to actually prove him guilty.

Even though the posts led to the beginning of an undercover operation by four officers who befriended him and skilfully forced him to share his ideas of terror attack, the amount of time that the police have taken to actually prove him guilty does raise direct questions about the safety of the London citizens.

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London Terror Attack: Man Stabs Two; Police Shoots Him Dead

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London Terror Attack: Man Stabs Two; Police Shoots Him Dead

In another ‘scared to death’ moment for Londoners, a man wearing fake suicide device was shot dead by police after he stabbed two people in a London terror attack on Sunday.

Declaring the act as “Islamist-related” attack, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the suspect named Sudesh Amman was shot dead at the scene on a Streatham High Road. The attacker was reportedly freed from prison only a week ago, after serving half of his three-year-and-four-month sentence.

On the other hand, of the people who were stabbed in London terror attack, a man in hospital is said to have suffered life threatening injuries, while another woman has been treated for minor injuries.

The 20-year-old attacker was being kept under watch by undercover police officers at the time of the stabbings as a part of “proactive counterterrorism operation”, the officials confirmed.

Terror attacks and stabbings have become a usual site in London. The Streatham attack marked third act of terror to hit the UK since security services revised the threat level from “highly likely” to “likely”.

“A device was found strapped to the body of the suspect and specialist officers attended,” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, from the Met Police, said in a statement on the attack. “Cordons were put in place and it was quickly established that this was a hoax device,” she added.

A witness to the scene named Malik, a barber who works on the same street, said he heard gunshots as he was walking out of a chicken shop. Besides, stating that there was blood and a lady who had been victimized by knife on the floor, with everyone helping her.

Post incident, long stretches of Streatham High Road were barred for public entry with helicopters seen above the area, and Transport for London also changed the route of its buses.

Later in the day, pictures on social media showed a man lying on the ground wearing the fake vest, the similar vest that was used in London bride attack last year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, thanked emergency services who responded to the menacing incident and said his thoughts “are with the injured and all those affected.” While Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, said that terrorists have always wanted to divide and destroy lives of people, but “we will never let them succeed.”

London terror attacks and knife stabbings have been a part of the Islamic States’ strategy to spread the terror worldwide. In 2014, a speech by the group’s spokesperson called for attacks on non-Muslims, especially in Britain because of its indulgence in bombing group’s dominions in Syria and Iraq.

Islamic State usually lays its hands on areas that have soft targets, such as shopping districts, with low levels of security. The process thus, makes it difficult to track the perpetrators, who are usually lone actors.

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Buckingham Palace Sword Attacker Mohiussunnath Chowdhury Denies Accusations in Trial

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Mohiussunnath Chowdhury

As the time flies by, the UK is gradually becoming a main street place for crime-related violence. From knife crimes and sword attacks to gun fires, a lot of people have died in the day-to-day massacres, while most of the attackers are roaming free with their sickening ideologies. Some in prisons are wanting to continue their lives repeating the crime for which they were sentenced. Even the thought of such people moving free, after completing their sentences, is dreary.

The description of Buckingham Palace’s sword attacker Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, who attacked officers with a sword outside the palace in August 2017 is the same. He was being arrested for terror offence and sentenced for imprisonment. Six months after his release, the sword attacker contacted his sister on June 20, to inform that he was going to launch another attack.

A covert recording heard the sword attacker telling his sister, Sneha Chowdhury, that he was about to quit his job at a chicken shop in Luton. “I’m doing another attack bruv,” Mr Chowdhury said. “I’m serious bro, it’s about time now.” The recording cleared that he was targeting children who came into the chicken shop where he worked after prayers at a nearby mosque, adding: “They come in the shop and I start radicalising them.” 

Post being freed from custody at the end of a retrial, Mohiussunnath Chowdhury allegedly trained for an attack on potential targets including a gay Pride parade and Madame Tussauds. The 28-year-old sword attacker told the undercover police officers of his intentions and said that attacking non-Muslims was a “fair game”. Although he later claimed that he made the comment “for attention” and did not mean it.  

Meanwhile, the prosecutors in Monday’s hearing insisted that the sword attacker was to unleash death and suffering on non-Muslim members of the public who happened to be present, using a firearm, sword and even a van as part of an attack. They said that Mohiussunnath Chowdhury was even found boasting in front of the undercover police of “deceiving” the jury that cleared him of a terror offence.

The statements made by the sword attacker made the situations difficult for him. Defending himself at the trial, Chowdhury said that he spoke those words just to impress the undercover officers and that his defence was entirely true. The court even heard that the accused on many occasions had debated terrorism with his friends, telling one man that killing a soldier or police officer would be “instant paradise innit”.

When the friend said that he could not condone the murder of a pregnant woman or children, he replied: “Allah answers it very clearly in the Quran.” Over the time, the sword attacker has used western military campaigns in the Middle East as justification for his attacks, a revelation which clearly reflects his inhumane nature and terror motives.

Not only that, Mohiussunnath Chowdhury even praised previous terror attacks, calling the Charlie Hebdo massacre “epic”, stating that the gunmen had “stood up” for Islam and described the murder of Lee Rigby “amazing”. Despite all the evidences, the sword attacker has denied preparing acts of terrorism, disseminating a terrorist publication and possessing terrorist information.

Mohiussunnath Chowdhury’s case has become the tainted reality of today’s world, where people even after committing heinous crimes, portray themselves as innocent beings. The law and order should strictly restrict such people and those helping them, to fulfill their ulterior motives, behind the bars.   

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Money Laundering Scam: Seven Caught for Stealing £215 million

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laundering scam

Post an 18-month long complex investigation (involving the international police agencies Europol, Interpol and the authorities in the Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland), the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) has finally arrested seven in a money laundering scam worth £215m.

Termed as one of the most significant live investigations, sources have affirmed the involvement of Gardai in solving the Northern Ireland money laundering scam. Sources claim that a “significant volume of suspected criminal cash”, six men and one woman have been taken in by the police.

Clarifying the matter, the Detective Chief Inspector of PSNI, Ian Wilson said, “the police believe the suspects were laundering the proceeds of crime out of the country through a number of shell companies and bank accounts held here in Northern Ireland.”

The suspects have been detained post 15 detailed searches at locations across Northern Ireland on January 20 and 21. According to Ian Wilson, “Six men aged 33, 37, 39, 40, 50 and 67 and a 32-year-old woman were arrested during the two-day operation. The investigation has identified over 50 companies and over 140 bank accounts.”

Records state nearly £215 million has been deposited to thousands of bank accounts across the UK. As a part of the laundering scam, some money has been transferred out of the UK through foreign exchange companies since 2011. Assuring the general public about PSNI’s commitment to fighting organized crime and money laundering scams, Wilson said, “Money laundering is often a critical enabler of organised criminality. We believe that the majority of this money is derived from a range of criminal activity carried out by organised crime gangs.”

He added, “We are committed to keeping people safe by robustly pursuing those who are involved in laundering criminally derived money and enabling criminals to access the profits gained from their involvement in a range of illegal activities.”

For appreciating the efforts of the Economic Crime Unit, who uncovered the operation, the Chief Constable, Simon Byrne posted words of praise on his Twitter handle, on January 21.

Garda Headquarters affirmed the involvement of its units in solving the money laundering scam with PSNI. Investigations by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau started in September 2016, under the VAT carousel fraud. The search was mainly directed at defrauding the VAT system via bogus trade between jurisdictions.

A detailed search across four provinces and the seizure of a large volume of digital and documentary evidence was done in 15 properties, both residential and commercial in September 2017. Nearly two years later, in May 2019, a woman was captured in Co Louth and a man in August. The third person, termed as the “facilitator” of the gangs, was arrested in Dundalk in October 2019.

Making an appeal to the public post the recent £215 million money laundering scam, Wilson said, “I would appeal for anyone with any information on this type of activity to contact police on 101 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Money laundering scams like this one reflect the illegal movement of the hard-earned money of taxpayers. The fact that it took such a long-time to actually find the criminals highlights the loopholes in the security system of the country.

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Neo-Nazi Teen’s anti-Semitic Attacks Plan Reveals Deep Seated Issues

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anti-Semitic Attacks

After winning centuries of war against anti-Semitism, the UK is giving renewed hopes of secularism and solidarity to all across the globe with each passing day. Yet, there is a rise in the anti-Semitic incidents from the individuals who fail to understand that the British Jews are as much humans and UK citizens as they are.

In a similar incident, a 17-year-old Durham-based neo-nazi teenager, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, has been served with prison time of six years and eight months at the Manchester Crown Court for planning anti-Semitic attacks.

The Durham-based teenager listed out the potential targets including schools, pubs and post offices located from his home city in a “guerrilla warfare” manual.

As per the released details since last year, when the teenager was arrested, the law enforcement confiscated detailed plans to firebomb local synagogues with Molotov cocktails and multiple far-right literature from his bedroom in March last year.

During the trial, the jury found the neo-nazi teenager guilty of six terror crimes, which comprise of preparing acts of terrorism, disseminating terrorist publications, and possessing material for terrorist purposes.

As per the court’s verdict, the teenager “will also serve five years on licence after his release” besides the sentence on working to commit terrorist attacks.

While sentencing the 17-year-old about the planned anti-Semitic attacks, Judge David Stockdale QC said, “While your youth is a powerful mitigating factor, it is also a feature of this case, which is perhaps most disturbing. You are a highly intelligent, widely read, quick-thinking and articulate young man.”

“Given the development of your intellect, the breadth of your reading and your obvious thirst for knowledge, it is a matter of infinite regret that you pursued at such a young age a twisted and – many would say – a sick ideological path.”

It is not for the first time that the UK witnessed an anti-Semitic attack that depicts the impact of mental trauma amongst children is grave in nature. Earlier in late November, a 35-year-old Londoner hurled abuses at the Jewish man and his family, which involved his wife and children.

While interacting with the family and the two kids, the man shouted that “Jews started the slave trade and were from the synagogue of Satan” and further read anti-Jewish passages to the family, majorly aimed at the two young boys. 

The latest incidents of anti-Semitic attacks in the UK point to the need of employing measures that address and mitigate anti-Semitism within the common ranks so that the UK, as a country, reflects the image of secularism, which the citizens are so proud of.

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