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Michael Chiesa Sues Conor McGregor over April Bus Attack

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conor mcgregor

Last updated on September 21st, 2018

Conor Mcgregor, has been sued by a fellow UFC fighter over the April bus attacks, when the UFC fighter lost his cool and threw a hand truck at the bus parked in Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre.

Michael Chiesa claims to have suffered severe emotional distress, mental trauma and bodily harm’ including cuts to the body and face, because of the McGregor’s outburst of anger. Chiesa, from Colorado, filed a lawsuit in New York state court against the mixed martial arts powerhouse accusing him of the consequences suffered by the following attack.

Chiesa’s lawsuit also alleges that the Barclay’s Centre did not pay much attention and hence he has imposed charges of negligence on the center. The charges mean that the center failed to protect him and other people involved in the incident.

Chiesa’s lodged the complaint from an incident that took place on April 5, and the anger displayed by Conor McGregor, left the MMA stars Ray Borg, Jason Ledbetter, besides others injured, ruling them unfit out of the event.

McGregor turned himself in to the police a day after the ruckus and was charged with assault and criminal mischief. The UFC also acted promptly on the happening, and scrapped him of his lightweight title, to which he tweeted: ‘you’ll strip me of nothing you’s do nothing c**** (sic).

However, McGregor’s decision to put of aggressive front did not help him come out victorious this time, and he had to plead guilty to a single disorderly conduct charge in Brooklyn courthouse in order to avoid spending time behind the bars.

I just want to say I’m thankful to the DA and the judge for allowing me to move forward,’ he said at the time. ‘I want to say to my friends, my family, my fans, thank you for the support.’

McGregor received five days of community services, and also underwent evaluation for an anger management program. Later, claiming to regret his decision, the UFC fighter, however did not publically apologize to those hurt in the incident.

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Money Laundering Scam: Seven Caught for Stealing £215 million

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laundering scam

Post an 18-month long complex investigation (involving the international police agencies Europol, Interpol and the authorities in the Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland), the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) has finally arrested seven in a money laundering scam worth £215m.

Termed as one of the most significant live investigations, sources have affirmed the involvement of Gardai in solving the Northern Ireland money laundering scam. Sources claim that a “significant volume of suspected criminal cash”, six men and one woman have been taken in by the police.

Clarifying the matter, the Detective Chief Inspector of PSNI, Ian Wilson said, “the police believe the suspects were laundering the proceeds of crime out of the country through a number of shell companies and bank accounts held here in Northern Ireland.”

The suspects have been detained post 15 detailed searches at locations across Northern Ireland on January 20 and 21. According to Ian Wilson, “Six men aged 33, 37, 39, 40, 50 and 67 and a 32-year-old woman were arrested during the two-day operation. The investigation has identified over 50 companies and over 140 bank accounts.”

Records state nearly £215 million has been deposited to thousands of bank accounts across the UK. As a part of the laundering scam, some money has been transferred out of the UK through foreign exchange companies since 2011. Assuring the general public about PSNI’s commitment to fighting organized crime and money laundering scams, Wilson said, “Money laundering is often a critical enabler of organised criminality. We believe that the majority of this money is derived from a range of criminal activity carried out by organised crime gangs.”

He added, “We are committed to keeping people safe by robustly pursuing those who are involved in laundering criminally derived money and enabling criminals to access the profits gained from their involvement in a range of illegal activities.”

For appreciating the efforts of the Economic Crime Unit, who uncovered the operation, the Chief Constable, Simon Byrne posted words of praise on his Twitter handle, on January 21.

Garda Headquarters affirmed the involvement of its units in solving the money laundering scam with PSNI. Investigations by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau started in September 2016, under the VAT carousel fraud. The search was mainly directed at defrauding the VAT system via bogus trade between jurisdictions.

A detailed search across four provinces and the seizure of a large volume of digital and documentary evidence was done in 15 properties, both residential and commercial in September 2017. Nearly two years later, in May 2019, a woman was captured in Co Louth and a man in August. The third person, termed as the “facilitator” of the gangs, was arrested in Dundalk in October 2019.

Making an appeal to the public post the recent £215 million money laundering scam, Wilson said, “I would appeal for anyone with any information on this type of activity to contact police on 101 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Money laundering scams like this one reflect the illegal movement of the hard-earned money of taxpayers. The fact that it took such a long-time to actually find the criminals highlights the loopholes in the security system of the country.

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Neo-Nazi Teen’s anti-Semitic Attacks Plan Reveals Deep Seated Issues

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anti-Semitic Attacks

After winning centuries of war against anti-Semitism, the UK is giving renewed hopes of secularism and solidarity to all across the globe with each passing day. Yet, there is a rise in the anti-Semitic incidents from the individuals who fail to understand that the British Jews are as much humans and UK citizens as they are.

In a similar incident, a 17-year-old Durham-based neo-nazi teenager, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, has been served with prison time of six years and eight months at the Manchester Crown Court for planning anti-Semitic attacks.

The Durham-based teenager listed out the potential targets including schools, pubs and post offices located from his home city in a “guerrilla warfare” manual.

As per the released details since last year, when the teenager was arrested, the law enforcement confiscated detailed plans to firebomb local synagogues with Molotov cocktails and multiple far-right literature from his bedroom in March last year.

During the trial, the jury found the neo-nazi teenager guilty of six terror crimes, which comprise of preparing acts of terrorism, disseminating terrorist publications, and possessing material for terrorist purposes.

As per the court’s verdict, the teenager “will also serve five years on licence after his release” besides the sentence on working to commit terrorist attacks.

While sentencing the 17-year-old about the planned anti-Semitic attacks, Judge David Stockdale QC said, “While your youth is a powerful mitigating factor, it is also a feature of this case, which is perhaps most disturbing. You are a highly intelligent, widely read, quick-thinking and articulate young man.”

“Given the development of your intellect, the breadth of your reading and your obvious thirst for knowledge, it is a matter of infinite regret that you pursued at such a young age a twisted and – many would say – a sick ideological path.”

It is not for the first time that the UK witnessed an anti-Semitic attack that depicts the impact of mental trauma amongst children is grave in nature. Earlier in late November, a 35-year-old Londoner hurled abuses at the Jewish man and his family, which involved his wife and children.

While interacting with the family and the two kids, the man shouted that “Jews started the slave trade and were from the synagogue of Satan” and further read anti-Jewish passages to the family, majorly aimed at the two young boys. 

The latest incidents of anti-Semitic attacks in the UK point to the need of employing measures that address and mitigate anti-Semitism within the common ranks so that the UK, as a country, reflects the image of secularism, which the citizens are so proud of.

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Indonesian Reynhard Sinaga Categorised as Britain’s Worst Rapist

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Reynhard Sinaga

As the global crime rate, with each passing year is dramatically increasing, Britain is gradually heading in the list of world countries known for excessive violence. There has been a surge in the number of rape offences and homicide cases in the country, with attackers giving no heed to the established crime and law enforcements.  

In many cases, the attackers lewd their victims to their places, drugged them to commit rape crimes. Indonesian serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga is one of the attackers, who fall in the same category, and has been branded as Britain’s worst rapist.

The 36-year-old attacker was sentenced for life imprisonment, after he was found guilty of alluring victims back to his apartment at Montana House, Princess Street in Manchester before poisoning them with drug GHB and filming sex acts, while they were unconscious.  

The details on the case revealed that the men hunted by Sinaga outside some of Manchester’s busiest nightclubs were already heavily intoxicated. They were then lured back to the rapist’s apartment with various promises.

Sinaga totally neglected the safety of his victims, stupefying them with the drug to the point of coma.

Upon much investigation, it was found that Reynhard Sinaga was a PhD student, who studied at Manchester and Leeds universities. His acts, given his education makes him the most prolific rapist in British judicial history. He was alleged for luring up to 200 men back to his city centre lair.

Reynhard Sinaga was described as a psychopath by police. During the Manchester Crown Court trials, Sinaga was convicted of raping 48 men, aged 17 to 36, over two-and-a-half years. The guilty verdict by the court came after four trials, conducted in the past 18 months. The information related to the trials was kept a secret so as to deliver fair trial to Sinaga.

Going through the hundreds of video footage proofs collected during the investigations, the detectives believe that the number of victims would be at least 195. Due to the memory-wiping effect of the drug, many of Reynhard Sinaga’s victim failed to remember that they were being raped.

Years after, when the police knocked the people’s doors for cross-questioning, they became aware of Sinaga’s horrific offensives.

Sinaga’s so called happy life of committing crimes, went on uninterrupted for years, until one day, when one of his teenaged victims woke up in the mid of a sexual attack. The victim beat Sinaga badly and he had to be hospitalised. After this incident, the police captured Sinaga’s mobile phones, whereby all of his heinous crimes of poisoning and rapes were revealed.

The video footages that Reynhard Sinaga compiled for years, became a medium of prosecution case against him. At last, the attacker felt victim to his own actions and will now have to spend at least 30 years behind the bars.

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British Teenager Accounted Guilty for Misleading Cyprus Authorities in Gang Rape Case

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British teenager

Despite listing equality laws for all, inequality and impartiality against women exists in every sphere. Growing rates of delayed/no justice have led to more violence, with criminals moving freely, while citizens, especially women fearing future mishaps.

The case of a British teenager, who claimed that she was gang raped by 12 Israeli men in an Ayia Napa hotel, Cyprus, Greece on July 17, brings revelation to the fact of how an expected conviction is misled and gets quashed before the law.

Ignoring the British teenager’s justice appeals, Famagusta District Court in Paralimni, on Monday, convicted the 19-year-old of a single count of public mischief. Cyprus Judge Michalis Papathanasiou convicted her of making up the story that she was a victim of brutal assault.

Papathanasiou said, “The defendant gave police a false rape claim, while having full knowledge that this was a lie.”

The judge further added, “The reason why she initially gave false statements was because she realized that she was being recorded while she was having sexual intercourse and so she was placed in a difficult position and felt embarrassed.”

“She then apologised saying she had made a mistake by filing a false statement.”

The British teenager’s sentencing is adjourned until January 7 after which she is expected to face up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of £1,450. Meanwhile, all of the men arrested over the alleged attack were released by the court.

What appears to be a confounding situation is as to why did the British teenager claiming to be a rape victim, retracted her statement after 10 days? What made her do that? Was it the doing of Cypriot police that forced her to change her statements or was it what they say that the girl had been lying throughout these months about being gang raped.

Upon investigating further into the case, Cypriot police found evidences which showed that the British teenager was delighted while she was moved in to a five-star hotel just after the alleged attack. The police claimed that it was an unexpected behaviour on part of a victim, who was gang raped, days before.

The police also claimed that the British teenager was found lounging by the swimming pool, when they went to collect her for further interviews. It appears that her situation of PTSD has been misinterpreted by the police, forcing the girl to retract her statement.

Even though both the expert evidence and linguistic specialist’s statements present arguments, favouring the British teenager, the Cyprus judge ruled the girl guilty, stating the police acted within the law.

In a vow to support the British teenager, more than 20 women from a group called Network Against Violence against Women, crammed into the Paralimni courtroom. The court’s verdict disappointed the women as well the people gathered in support, with many calling it a political issue, linking it with Cyprus-Israel relations.

The British teenager has been devoid of fair trial rights, with many significant violations in the entire procedure, clearly ignored by the Cyprus court. Even if the court’ accusations against the teenager are true, the bigger question is what circumstances made her go to the extent of misleading the court?

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Man Dies Before Christmas as Gunman Shoots at Doorstep

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An area in south-west London, used to of the stabbing cases, witnessed a gun crime on Christmas Eve for the first time. The Metropolitan police stated that a man died at the scene after being shot.

On December 24, officers were called to Battersea Church Road at about 9 p.m. to reports of firing. Police and the London ambulance service was seen at the scene, where a man in his 30s was pronounced dead. Scotland Yard confirmed that it had launched a murder investigation.

Neighbours of the person described that they heard multiple gunshots followed by a scream for help from a woman. “I was watching television when I heard this round of shots. One after the other very quickly. There was between eight to 10 of them,” a 60-year-old woman, Vittoria Amati said.

“I knew it was a shooting and I didn’t want to come out because I was scared it might not be safe. I then heard the screams of the wife. I came out and realised it was one of my neighbours. He was lying in front of his doorway in a pool of blood. He was still alive. We were really hoping he would make it. You have no idea how desperate she [his wife] sounded.”

Amati also stated that a young woman helped the victim by applying pressure to his wounds as he was bleeding “heavily”. According to the statement, the man was moved from his doorway and initially into the back of an ambulance by paramedics, but was taken out again to begin treating him on the road.

Another 24-year-old said that he confused the gunshots with fireworks, until the woman was her shouting that her husband was shot.
The 51-year-old neighbour, Julian Stratton said there were five gunshots. “Four back-to-back, ‘bang, bang, bang, bang,’ then a pause before the final shot.”

“This is a pretty hot area. There was a stabbing on a street nearby not long ago. But shooting is quite new,” said Omar Seikaly, 35.

According to records of the PA news agency in London, it is the 142nd murder in 2019, which is also the yearly highest since 2008. Home Office Statistics last year reported 141 police-recorded murders in the capital.

While the man in the shooting died, the police has not yet arrested any one. The Met stated that the case is being investigated by homicide detectives.

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