organized crime in UK

Terrorism may be eyed as the biggest threat to this world because of its spontaneous occurrence, however in UK threat posed by organized crime has now surpassed Terrorism, the National Agency reported.

According to the latest report published by agency there are 4,600 serious and organized crime groups, which take up heinous offences such as child abuse, trafficking and drug dealing. Security Minister Bell Wallace expressing concern on the matter said, he wants to target groups such as accountants and estate agents.

In his statement given to the BBC’s Radio 4’s Today programme he said, those at the “bottom of the pyramid” referring to those dealing with drugs or laundering of funds for crimes must be punished. He also said “foot soldiers” of organized crime need to face the same penalty as those at the top.

The stats suggest that crimes in UK must be controlled before the real meaning of implementation vows to beg or make little difference. The latest step, however, is the announcement of £48m of public money to tackle the gangs. Ironically, the last figures, which were published five years ago, show the cost of managing crime was about 50 percent low.

The range of crimes has changed rapidly over the years, and so has the cost to manage them. The rise in crime also implies that children being abused, trafficked, and cyber threats have seriously multiplied. The result of which, is more lives getting lost than terrorism, war and natural disasters combined. The bottom line though that remains stalled with such crimes is the ‘innocent lives’ getting destroyed because of the never-ending loop of crime.

The authorities keep flowing all the money they have to stop or at least avert the extent of crimes in UK, but the cause and effect relationship between money and security fails to make an evident mark.