Meghan Markel's father
Meghan Markel's father

Thomas Markel has not spoken to his daughter, Meghan Markel since she wed Prince Harry, and fears that he will “locked out” forever, following his interviews about her marriage to Prince Harry.

Thomas, who is going through a rough phase commented “I don’t expect to see her or hear her back from her and that’s ok.” Further expressing that he believes that it is his interviews that had “locked the door, pulled the windows down and closed the shades” between him and the royals.

Tragically, the situation has become a lot awkward between the two, and looks like is also having a mental toll on Thomas. Despite, his unabashed front displayed publically, he has expressed that all he desires is to go on a vacation and try to get some peace.

The Mental Toll

Just in the hope that things would get better, the ex-lighting director, Thomas was expecting that he would receive a birthday card from Meghan last month, however the things did not happen as per the plan, and nothing turned up. On the other hand, Thomas did send two cards to his daughter when she turned 37, earlier this month.

The level of desperation to hear from her daughter is clearly a sky high, but his fear of her never returning back is now becoming more than just a theory. Speaking about the relation with Megan, Thomas said, “She is even further away now than she was before.” He added, “I just want a father daughter relationship. If that means Christmas cards, birthday cards and getting together for holidays—that is what I want.

Thomas who puts up in Rosarito, Mexico, also presented a clearer picture by recalling how the telephonic discussion between him and Harry once got intense. He was in Sharp Chula Vista Medical Centre, San Deigo, having had a heart surgery following a heart attack, a few days before the marriage.

Besides, when Harry and Meghan called, the Prince who had warned him not to speak to media, in his aggression said “This is what happens when you do not listen to what we tell you to do.” His sentiments were clearly hurt and he said, “I was recovering from a heart attack, lying in a bed, having a phone call, and the things were being said that hurt me. I felt disrespected by them. I felt like I was being blamed for my mistakes when I was in my hospital bed recovering from a heart attack. I felt like I had to defend myself.”

The debate has only heated since then, and Thomas’s depression or say mental toll is having a huge impact on him. All he awaits is a day in his life, where he would hear from his daughter, Meghan.