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Quentin Tarantino is married, who is his wife?



Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino, an American director, author and actor has now joined the league of married men.

His proposal to his on and off girlfriend, Daniella Pick, in the middle of last year, has finally been answered. The couple tied the knot on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The Actor who is now 55 met his 35-year-old Israeli singer and Model girlfriend nine years ago, while he was promoting his movie, Inglourious Basterds. Like some other relationships, the couple broke up after sometime, but reconnected again in 2015 after Tarantino broke up with his then girlfriend, Courtney Hoffman, his costume designer.

The wedding is the first for both of them. When asked back in 2009 why he was not married, the actor explained: “When I’m doing a movie, I’m not doing anything else. It’s all about the movie. I don’t have a wife. I don’t have a kid. Nothing can get in my way.”

Eight months into announcing his impending retirement, Tarantino’s engagement news came out. However, Quentin Tarantino would be directing two more movies before retiring.

Daniella Pick started her singing career in the early 2000s with her sister Sharona. Started as a duo, she later branched out to be on her own. The duo was best known for their song titled “Hello Hello”, which they sang together during the Eurovision song contest qualifying round in 2005.

After breaking up with her sister the following year, Daniella made a bit of success with her solo efforts in “More or Less” and “Love Me”.

Ever heard of the famous Israeli singer and songwriter Tzvika Pick? He is Daniella’s father. Tzvika has composed numerous hit songs in the 1960s and was named Israel’s Best Male Singer in the 1970s. He featured in the Hebrew version of the Broadway Musical Hair. When asked about his daughter’s engagement, he said, “There is joy in our family. We have wished them mazel tov.”

The wedding was an intimate ceremony held in Los Angeles.


Prince Charles Expresses Grief over Notre Dame Fire, Comes under Scrutiny



Prince Charles

In the wake of the tragic incident that shook the whole France recently, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles wrote separate letters to French President Emmanuel Macron, expressing sorrow. Sadly, Prince Charles’ emotional letter didn’t go well with the people as they criticised him for using American English instead of British.

While showing grief at the unfortunate incident that took place in the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, earlier this week, Prince Charles referred to the fire that took place around 27 years ago at the Windsor Castle. However, he used a language that people couldn’t associate with a release from the Royals.

“My wife and I were utterly heartbroken to learn of the terrible fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral this evening and wanted to let you know immediately how much we are thinking of yourself and the French people at the most agonizing of times, and of the emergency services who are so bravely tackling the blaze,” he wrote.

“I realize only too well what a truly special significance the Cathedral holds at the heart of your nation, but also for us all outside France it represents one of the greatest architectural achievements of Western Civilization,” Prince of Wales added.

The typed note released from the Clarence House had “-ize” instead of “-ise”, which is considered as an American style of writing. Despite the warmth in his words, people criticised Prince Charles for not writing in the British style. Some of his critics lambasted the prince as he is the next in-line heir to the throne after Queen Elizabeth, and is therefore expected to represent the British culture in every possible way.

Following the note made public, it was shared widely on social media. People raised fingers at the prince, condemning him for not using his own language.

One of the Twitter users wrote, “Wait, what? A British uses ‘realize’ not ‘realise?’ Are you an American or the future King?”

Perhaps, Prince Charles using American English is not something new. His official letters are often made by using American spellings. In fact, using “z” instead of “s” originated from England in the 15th Century. The Britons used these spellings way before Americans started using them.

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Game of Thrones: Cast & New Character Guide, No Spoilers



Game of Thrones

The crazily popular fantasy show, Game of Thrones (GOT) is back for its eighth and the conclusive season. The GOT zealots are waiting on their hand and foot to know about the characters returning, as well as the new faces on board.

Throughout the seven seasons, a striking number of key characters have dropped dead, however there’s a good bit, who will be running for the final battles.

While majority of the leading players have stayed for quite sometime, the fans can expect some new cast being introduced for this season – be assured there won’t be any spoilers of disclosing who will reach the finale.

The most prominent characters returning are the constants that every Games of Thrones fan remembers by heart. Jon Snow, a.k.a. Aegon Targaryen (Kit Harington), returning as the King in the North, will now focus on confronting the White Walker threat. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), is all set to make her ultimate bid for the Throne. She will have two dragons at her back (Rhaegal and Drogon), and will be supporting Jon Snow against the army of the dead.

The other characters, who will make watching season 8 worthwhile, include Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma), Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright), Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), among others.

Two potential Freys will be seen in the Game of Thrones season 8, with Sarra (Danielle Galligan) and Willa (Alice Nokes), probably be two of the only enduring Freys after Arya’s revenge bloodshed.

While the season reaches the finale, it would be exciting to see which of the GOT characters will survive till the last episode. With the number of characters as huge of that of Game of Thrones, nothing can be predicted – which keep the fans buckled to their seats to ferret out the ultimate winner of the Game of Thrones.

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Discussion over Name & Gender of the Royal Baby Prevails in the Country



royal baby

Britain is expecting the birth of the royal baby sometime in late April or early May. Though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been trying to keep their plans related to the to-be-born baby private, the people of the country have made countless attempts in guessing the gender and the name of their “very first child”.

There was a huge fuss over home birth in media, when the pair on Thursday declared that they would not be sharing any news about the baby’s arrival unless their family and friends become aware of it. They concluded that they might opt for home birth at their new residence, Frogmore Cottage.

William Hill, a bookmaker agency, claimed that despite the place of birth, people would still bet over the name and gender of the baby in the same way as it happened with Kate Middleton when she was expecting.

The majority has been foretelling that the royal baby would be a girl with the name “Diana”. Other names like, Victoria, Alice, Grace, and Elizabeth are close behind, and while Albert, Arthur, and James are popular guesses by those who believe that a baby boy would be born. So far, Diana has been the top name in the bookmakers’ list.  

Rupert Adams, William Hill’s spokesperson, claimed that while looking at the average betting patterns over the years, there is a chance of some truth in the rumours that have been spreading across the country. He doubted that Harry might go with the name “Diana”, as the name signified his mother who passed away in 1997. He said, “There’s every chance of it being a middle name.”

Carolyn Harris, a royal historian, also agreed that Diana could be the middle name of the baby and believed that the royal family might adopt a similar approach that has been in trend while naming the other royal babies. She even added, “The choice of Diana as a first name would place a lot of pressure on the royal baby, as the press would constantly compare her to her famous grandmother.”  

Harry and Meghan’s baby would be seventh in line for the throne. Some have contemplated that due to Meghan’s strong views about women’s rights, the name of the baby girl would be the one that glorifies the name of strong women in the history.

Although, the royal couple have not announced the baby’s gender or the due date, yet the people have been making hundreds of bets over it. As both the parents denote royalty, people are expecting a name that is both royal and traditional.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Urge Fans to Donate Baby Gifts to Charity



Meghan Markle

Being overwhelmed by the shower of baby gifts even before the birth of their first child, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle requested their fans to stop sending those gifts, and instead donate them to the charity.

Following the recent arrival of the couple on Instagram, internet trend #GlobalSussexBabyShower gained momentum, bringing in hundreds of gifts from around the world for the to-be-born royal baby.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex thanked and requested their well wishers via an Instagram post, reading, “In lieu of sending gifts, the couple have long planned to encourage members of the public to make donations to select charities for children and parents in need. If you already made a donation, the couple send you their greatest thanks.”

The post also mentioned four charity accounts recommending fans to donate gifts to those organisations.

The post concluded with the message: “The Duke and Duchess remain appreciative for your warm wishes and kindness during this especially happy time in their lives! Thank you for sharing the love.”

Recently, the couple has moved to the renovated Frogmore Cottage at the Frogmore Estate in Windsor. The Frogmore Estate witnessed the evening wedding reception of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, last year in May.

The Instagram account created on Tuesday has been a huge success, witnessing a world record of garnering a million followers in five hours and 45 minutes. Till now, a total of 4 million people are following the official account of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The account follows 23 people including the accounts of Princess Eugenie, Clarence House, Kensington Palace, and the Royal Family.

The logo of the Instagram account of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is the couple’s royal cypher in white colour – the interlinked initials of the couple, H and M under the crown on a navy background.

The message from the couple about sending gifts to the charities portrays their act and nature of kindness. It shows the smart thinking of the couple of putting the gifts to a better use.

This post has been appreciated by fans and various celebrities. One of their fans commented, “You two are a breath of fresh air.”

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Liverpool Band Her’s Duo and Manager Die in US Crash



Liverpool band

Two members of the Liverpool band Her’s along with their tour manager have been killed in a tragic crash in the United States.

The band Her’s comprised of 24-year-old Stephen Fitzpatrick and 25-year-old Audun Laadig. On Wednesday, the duo and their manager Trevor Engelbrektson were travelling to California to perform a gig in Santa Ana, when their vehicle collided with a truck.

Their record label Heist or Hit posed the tragic news on the website, describing the Liverpool band as “one of the UK’s most loved up and coming bands”.

Following their performance in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday, the artists were travelling about 350 miles to Santa Ana in California, when the tragedy took place.

A couple of days prior to the crash and their US tour, the band had posted it was “almost time for home”.

The label wrote on the site, “We are all heartbroken. Their energy, vibrancy and talent came to define our label. As humans, they were warm, gentle and hilarious. Each time they stopped by the office made for an uplifting experience.”

The label also mentioned that Fitzpatrick and Laadig, who belonged to Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and Norway respectively, met as students in Liverpool for the first time.

Heist or Hit said that the Liverpool band was supposed to play 19 shows during its second tour of North America. The band had recently released its debut album Invitation to Her’s.

“They were in America playing to thousands of adoring fans. Fans they made a point of meeting and spending time with, such was their passion and humbleness. The world was at their feet.”

Tributes and prayers flowed in online from various fans of the pair.

Craig McDonald tweeted: I’m in utter shock and disbelief. The world is a cruel place sometimes..Stephen and Auden were wonderful people and fantastic musicians. All thoughts with their friends and family RIP..”

In 2017, Music magazine NME said about the band that “Each song they produce, from the lo-fi bedroom pop power of debut track to ‘Dorothy’ to the duo’s equally melodic take on slacker-rock on ‘Marcel’, sees the Liverpool-based duo shift and float between sounds, never really fitting into one genre, but somehow nailing whatever they end up doing.”

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