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HRW: Saudi UAE Coalition Escaping Legit Investigations Into Yemen War Crime



Saudi UAE coalition in Yemen

Last updated on September 24th, 2018

Yemen civil war that instigated in March 2015, has witnessed the brutal killings, injuries, and displacement of unnumbered Yemeni civilians. United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has reported that over 6,592 civilians have been killed and 10,470 wounded, as of August 2018, at the hands of airstrikes conducted by Saudi UAE led coalition.

Yemen has become a proxy battle ground for Saudi Arabia and UAE forces, in which those who remain alive are living in hell-like conditions.

Millions of Yemenis are forced to live under dire conditions with shortages of food and bare-minimum medical care facilities. The situation is so worse that even the wounded victims don’t get proper treatment, let alone routine health-care facilities.

Such events are a big question on humanity and its handlers. Despite indisputable demonstrations of human rights violations, against the international law, accountability of the parties involved has been sadly inadequate.

Saudi UAE coalition in Yemen

The Saudi UAE military coalition, which is claimingly fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen, has recently been denounced by Human Rights Watch (HRW). The entity has accused Saudi and UAE of making “Dubious conclusions” in analysis regarding the air strikes, and neglecting a fair investigation into alleged war crimes.

In a condemnatory 90-page report issued by the HRW, Saudi and UAE alliance’s investigative body, the Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT), has been accused of “Absolving coalition members of legal responsibility in the vast majority of attacks.”

“Majority of the apparent laws-of-war violations committed by Saudi UAE forces demonstrate war crimes,” stated HRW in the report.

The rights group has also claimed that JIAT understated air raids on a residential building in the port city of Mokha, killing over 65 people. But the attacking parties said the building was “partly affected by unintentional bombing”.

In September 2016, an air strike on a water well was called an “unintended mistake” by the JIAT. An investigation conducted by HRW later discovered at least 11 bomb craters, where several civilians were killed and injured.

According to HRW, JIAT investigations are playing foul, with negligible effort to probe personal criminal responsibility for wrongful air attacks on the Yemen soil.


Prison Sentence of 175 Years Aggravates Allies of WikiLeaks Founder



WikiLeaks Founder

Following Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, the former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr said that the prison sentence faced by the WikiLeaks founder would be similar to the capital punishment, hurting the sentiments of his allies. He asked the Australian government to stand in support of the former.

47-year-old Assange, whose earlier charges included hacking a Pentagon computer system, is now serving a 50-week sentence in the UK jail for skipping bail, when he fled to the Ecuadorean embassy in London in 2012.

The US prosecutors on Thursday announced 17 additional charges against Assange for publishing secret diplomatic cables and files on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The WikiLeaks founder would face a maximum sentence of 175 years in the US prison, if convicted.

Earlier Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson assured Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, by signing a letter, confirming that the British legislation suggested that if a person could face a death penalty, then he cannot be extradited.

On Friday, Carr said the government “must oppose” the extradition of the WikiLeaks founder that could lead to capital punishment. He added that the size of the punishment, attracting a 175 years imprisonment might aggravate Assange’s allies and partners. He continued that the US-UK extradition treaty excluded “political offences” and Assange’s cases were “thoroughly political”, as he exposed war crimes and other abuses through WikiLeaks.

Carr criticized the current Australian foreign minister Marise Payne, saying that she failed in her duty to protect the life of the WikiLeaks founder.

The Australian press freedom groups have criticized the US prosecutors for the latest charges, claiming that these were hampering their freedom of expression. They believed that the charges were an attempt to criminalise Assange on matters of national security. 

Australian Senator Rex Patrick said that the Australian government should actively provide diplomatic support to Julian Assange so as to avoid him being extradited to the US on charges that possess a great threat to the freedom and expression of press.

Greg Barns, Australian Barrister and adviser to Assange, asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Foreign minister Payne to intervene in the case. He said that the nature of sentences faced by Assange, including the accusations that the latter violated the Espionage Act, is not proportionate.

Assange’s supporters have abruptly responded to the current charges, considering it as an escalation of attack on the journalism and a direct assault on the First Amendment. They believe it to be a threat to all the news organisations. Such precedents would also be dangerous for US journalists, who uncover the secrets of other nations.

In the wake of the recent charges, there has been a constant disruption amongst the WikiLeaks founder’s allies, demanding his freedom.

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Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda Loses the Race of Life at 70



Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda Loses the Race of Life at 70

Renowned Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda, who spent his life running cars in speed, lost the race of life, on Monday. The racer survived 9 months after a lung transplant in August, and “passed away peacefully” at the age of 70, as confirmed by his family.

Born in Vienna in February 1949, the legendary Austrian was a motor racing legend. His most remarkable time goes back to when he took the title for Ferrari in 1975 and 1977, and for McLaren in 1984.

Ferrari’s Formula 1 team said he would “remain forever in our hearts”.

People also remember Niki Lauda as the man who cheated death. A year after winning his first title, he suffered three-degree burns to his head and faced after a crash in the German Grand Prix on August 1, 1976. Inhaling the toxic gases after his vehicle burst into flames at Nurburgring, the motor racer damaged his lungs.

His recovery from after the accident was miraculous, as the doctors had given him the last rites in hospital. Being the legend and a passionate racer, he returned to racing in just 40 days, still bandaged covering the burns on his face.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said, “We haven’t just lost a hero who staged the most remarkable comeback ever seen, but also a man who brought precious clarity and candour to modern Formula 1.”

Niki Lauda became known to the new generation of fans in the acclaimed 2013 film Rush, which set forth his rivalry with British driver James Hunt, the 1976 world champion.

After a legendary journey in motor racing and retirement, he became a successful entrepreneur in the business of airlines. Most recently, he became a non-executive chairman for the Formula 1 Mercedes team.

Mercedes stated that the passing of their “irreplaceable” chairman “leaves a void in Formula 1”.

His family’s statement stated, “His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur are and will remain unforgettable, his tireless zest for action, his straight forwardness and his courage remain a role model and a benchmark for all of us.”

His ill health followed him into his years later, where he spent several years fighting for life. Niki Lauda leaves behind his wife, their twins born in 2009, and three sons from his previous relationships.

The legend will forever be remembered by numerous people of mixed generations for his racing skills both on track and in life.

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Chelsea Manning: “Won’t Answer Subpoena”



Chelsea Manning

Former US Army Intelligence Analyst, Chelsea Manning, also known as Bradley Manning was released on Thursday from a prison in Northern Virginia. She served in the US army as Bradley Manning, and was seen in the news after she disclosed thousands of diplomatic and military secrets to WikiLeaks in 2010.

She experienced imprisonment of 62 days on accusations of civil contempt as she denied to testify to a grand jury. Manning was released because the term of her Grand Jury ended, although her lawyers worried that she could be imprisoned again.

During her first interview with the media, after serving jail time, Chelsea Manning denied to accept another subpoena or to answer the questions of a new grand jury on May 16. Considering that she will not testify and will stick to her principles, her lawyers have asked the court to not sentence her again.

She was arrested and charged with imprisonment of 35 years in the military prison, after leaking diplomatic and military secrets to WikiLeaks in 2010. However, the former US president Barack Obama modified her sentence, after she completed seven years of her total term in 2017.

During her interview with Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources”, Manning said, “I think that we have a much stronger case in terms of like the legal objections, which the previous judge didn’t — refused to even hear. He refused to even hear or act on the motions. He just simply placed me in contempt and ignored our motions.”

“I think that the Eastern District of Virginia is now turned into a rubber stamp for all these different prosecutions. I think that ultimately what they really want is they want to go after journalists.”

“This administration clearly wants to go after journalists,” she added.
Earlier, US Prosecutors revealed that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks was charged discreetly by the US grand jury in March 2018 on the accusations of plotting with Manning to bypass the military computer system.

Comments of Chelsea Manning come into light during the argument, if the accusations of US prosecutors on Assange can be considered as an assault on the freedom of press.

After denying to testify in front of a new grand jury, it might be possible that Chelsea Manning will be arrested soon enough. Also, after her sparking interview with Stelter, it might be possible that her message against the Trump administration reaches many people and they might come in her support, avoiding further assault on the Freedom of Press.

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Is Saudi Using the “Sabotage Attack” as a Defense Strategy or Tool?



Attack on Two Saudi Oil Tankers: A Strategy in Disguise

Two vessels of Saudi Arabia, which were on their way to cross into the Arabian Gulf, have become a victim to “a sabotage attack” in the exclusive economic zone of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on Sunday. However, the Kingdom’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih confirmed the news on Monday, stating that two of their oil tankers were damaged in attacks that wrecked the vessels off the coast of the Emirate of Fujairah.

As per the reports, one of the two tankers was on the move to get loaded with Saudi crude oil at the port of Ras Tanura. Besides, it was to be delivered to the state-owned oil beneficiary Saudi Aramco’s customers in the United States.

The attack came amidst the soaring tensions at the Persian Gulf, due to the US-Iran rift. Although the tankers were not identified, the blame has shifted slightly towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. As the US and its Arab rival are tangled in a conflict, chances of attacks are also high.

Considering that, the Trump administration deployed warships and bombers at the Persian Gulf.

While the relations between the Kingdom and Iran are similar, the attack on Saudi’s oil tankers is also being associated to Tehran.

On the other hand, the Foreign Ministry of Iran called for clarification on the incident and to Saudi’s claim that its vessels were targeted in a “sabotage attack”. On Monday, the Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that more details should be provided about what exactly happened, as he expressed his concerns over the matter.

Moreover, state-run IRNA news agency also quoted Mousavi as cautioning against any “conspiracy orchestrated by ill-wishers” and “adventurism by foreigners” to undermine the region’s stability and security.

As per the statement of Saudi’s Energy Minister Falih, there were no casualties or oil spill, but it did cause a significant damage to the structures to the two vessels. Besides, no details on the nature of the sabotage were provided.

On one hand the Kingdom has no specific details on the so-called “sabotage attack” on its oil tankers, and on the other it is subtly targeting its long-time enemy, Iran, by putting the blame of unproven attacks on it.

As the story draws, it could be perceived that Saudi Arabia is trying to assist its western ally, the United States, by bring its rival in the picture without any proves. Moreover, the Kingdom could possibly be using the “two vessels” loading oil to bury down the story of the vessel spotted at the French coast to load weapons, which were supposed to be deployed in Yemen war.

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1 killed and 8 injured after two students opened fire in Colorado School



Colorado school shooting

Two high school students opened vacuous firing at students of a Colorado community school, killing at least one and injuring eight others.

According to the Douglas County sheriff officials, the 18-year-old Devon Erickson and a juvenile student rushed into the classrooms of STEM School Highlands Ranch, Colorado, on Tuesday afternoon, causing havoc in the corridors.

Within a few minutes, the suspects were engaged and taken into custody by the Douglas County sheriff officials.

Eight victims, of age 15 and older, received treatment at local hospitals, including two who were in critical condition. At least four other victims were released the same day. No employees or teachers were injured in the shooting, authorities have confirmed.

Sheriff Tony Spurlock said that the motive behind shooting was unclear, and the officials have not received any information about someone being particularly targeted by the juvenile shooters.

The FBI and Denver’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were rendering assistance in the investigation.

In an official statement, the White House said that the tragic incident was reported back to President Donald Trump, and he is monitoring the situation.

“Tragically, this community and those surrounding it know all too well these hateful and horrible acts of violence,” Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary, said. “We offer our full support to local law enforcement and first responders and thank them for their heroism.”

The STEM School and other nearby schools were completely evacuated and locked-down for many hours, as stated by the Douglas County School District.

Over 1,850 students in elementary, middle, and high school have been enrolled in STEM School, according to its website.

STEM School is situated close to the Columbine High School, where 13 people were shot dead by two students on April 20, 1999. The incident was so far the worst in US’s history.

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