weapons used by saudi-led coalition which were further diverted to militia groups in Yemen war are majorly supplied by the UK and the US

The weapons used in Yemen war are majorly supplied by the UK and the US. An investigation has found militia groups, including those linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS, to be using them besides pro-Yemeni government and coalition forces.

The report has been released by journalist, Mohamed Abo-Elgheit. The Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalist (ARIJ) found that West supplied weapons not only reach Saudi-led coalition, but also the feuding groups fighting their own territorial battles.

Saudi-led coalition has violated the terms of trade agreement via purchase of armoured vehicles, rocket launchers, grenades and rifles from European and US companies. As they later make them available to the militia groups in Yemen.

War in Yemen has killed more than 57,000 people since March 2015, besides pushing 14 million people on the brink of famine. Recently, the US stated that it stopped aerial refueling to Saudis as a move to safeguard the Yemeni’s. However, it is alleged that the Saudis asked U.S. to stop the mid-air refueling themselves.

The details on weapon use emerged through an Arabic-language documentary, The End User. The details surfaced after the analysis of thousands of broadcasts, social media and closed Internet groups, alongside an insight analysis demanded the verification of the origins of weapons.

“Where we found abuse of the end user certification system, we sought explanations from the arms companies and government who authorized the sales to the coalition. Many simply turn a blind eye,” said Abo-Elgheit.

The documentary directly accuses the Saudi-led coalition, weapon suppliers, and government for breaching the “end user” certification laws stretching back to the beginning of the conflict in 2015.

The End User further highlights that no penalties have been levied for such breaches, which includes violation of certificates signed to provide assurance to those selling arms, and for lying about the use weapons, i.e. reselling them to other groups.

Germany raised an alarm on the use of their weapons with Saudi Arabia, after a footage revealed the Houthi’s in possession of G3 rifles, which were air dropped by the kingdom. Considering the wreckage caused by the Saudi-led coalition, Germany and Belgium have now refused to authorize arms export to the sides involved in raging the war. However, other nations deny of such breaches and are still supplying the weapons to Saudi, which includes one of the major suppliers, the UK.