UDA responsible for Sustained Attack
Sustained Attack

The number of terror attacks raging wide and all over UK have added another terminology called “sustained attacks” up its sleeve, as the latest weaponry attack, directly threatened to severely injure the police officers. The sources majorly claim that the attack was carried out by a criminal gang going under the badge of south east Antrim Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

The attack saw a huge brawl broke out as the scene witnessed a burning barricade erected and the police officers coming under the attacks from missiles. The attack reportedly came after the activity in Linn Road area by the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Parliamentary Crime Taskforce targeting the south east Antrim Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

The taskforce was launched in 2017 to counter the crime by paramilitary groups in Northern Island. Mid and East Antrim Commander Superintendent Darrin Jones described the disorder in Larne as “reckless and totally unacceptable”.

He further called out that such an activity directly puts people in “grave danger”, and that a Police Land Rover at one stage had to act as a “buffer” between those behind the incident and a number of people in their cars. Besides, describing Linn Road as a “quiet residential area”, the reason why place of attack was even more shocking.

The place reportedly witnessed people driving into a burning barricade, putting their lives at a direct risk. Fortunately, there were no causalities, howbeit, if someone had been seriously hurt, even the ambulance would have failed to respond.

Jones explained, that an investigation has been open in to the matter and explained that officers came under sustained attack with 30-40 masked men, who when police arrived responded using various missiles, bottles, bricks and fireworks. He further assured that police presence will remain in the area to avert any such happenings in the near future and stated, “There will be increased police patrols in the area and the community can be reassured that we will be there to deal with anything that happens”.