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UK and US must stop stoking the Saudi-led Yemen humanitarian abuses



Saudi Arabia Yemen war crisis

Last updated on September 24th, 2018

Its been three years now that the people of Yemen have been victimizing by the Saudi-led coalition’s destruction,and blind air-bombing over their country. Numerous fighter jets, from Saudi Arabia, are responsible for the large-scale disturbance in the poor country, with incessant airstrikes on hospitals, homes, workplaces and funeral hallways.

Thousands of innocent citizens have been killed and dreadfully injured. Wherever the eyes may roam, one could only see collapsed buildings. The situation has even worsened with the partial blockade, which has deprived most of the people of safe drinking water and proper healthcare facilities, instigating the roots of the worst cholera epidemic known.

Despite such horrendous situation, western countries, including the US and the UK, are continuously supplying advanced military equipment to the Saudi-led coalition. These weapons are facilitating a unjustified military campaign, which has claimed recurrent violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes.

This battle of Hodeidah has exposed in the starkest possible terms the real cost of the lucrative global arms trade, not to mention the challenge of implementing the UN arms trade treaty. Beyond the US and the UK, many other countries – including France, Spain and Italy – profess their support for human rights and adherence to the treaty while similarly lavishing hi-tech weaponry on the Saudi coalition.

However, for Yemeni people are still hoping for some light at the tunnel’s end, but to no avail. But recently, the criticism from across the world by activists, journalists and, some political leaders has drawn attention towards the whole crisis. Under rising public pressure, a number of European countries have refused to transfer arms to the Saudi-led coalition. Moreover, other nations that are still supplying arms to the coalition have come under great scrutiny.

The ruinous humanitarian impacts of exploiting cluster bombs by Saudi Arabia-led coalition on innocent children in Yemen should be immediately treated by the United Nations. Plus, UK & US should cut the weapons supply to Saudi to avoid further abuses on children.


Series of Knife Crime Incidences Leave Two Critically Injured



knife crimes

Recently, a woman and three men became the latest victims of spiked knife crime incidences in the capital. The attacks took place on the weekend within the interval of 15 hours between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The victims were stabbed in the back, out of which two are in critical condition. The Metropolitan Police Service has increased the patrolling and implemented stop and search power. Two men have been arrested and the authorities have asked the public to stay alert.

A 45-year-old woman, who was stabbed on Saturday evening, is said to be in a critical condition. A couple of hours later, a 52-year-old man was attacked with a knife, but escaped with some minor injuries.

A 23-year-old, who was stabbed at Seven Sisters Tube Station on Sunday at 4am, is also in a critical condition. Six hours later, a 29-year-old man suffered with life affecting injuries after being stabbed.

Since the beginning of the year, such knife crime incidences are being reported every couple of days. On 1st January two people were stabbed to death at separate places. Two security guards were injured in Park Lane, trying to apprehend the accused after he injured a woman.

Several teens have also been made target of knife crimes. Among such attacks, many were fatal incidents like that of Jodi Chesney and Jaden Moodie. The incidents have been reported from all over the capital. A rise of 14 percent in murders, eight percent in knife crimes and 19 percent in violent crimes has been recorded.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has asked the police officers to establish Section 60 at their own will.  This will help the police to search any suspect in the vicinity to prevent further crimes.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has implemented a new law since 18th February to minimise knife crime incidences. A tracking device will be attached to the people having a history of violence and knife crimes for a year.

Giving the right to impose section 60 will not be very effective in bringing an end to such crimes. Last year, the searches conducted on the black people were 19 percent more than the ones carried on the white people. In most of the searches, the black population was found to be innocent.

Imposing Section 60 will only be time consuming and might reduce the trust of people in police. It might also prove ineffective in stopping the citizens from carrying a knife.

During 2010-2017, a drop of more than 20,000 police officers has been recorded. This significant decrease in police officers might be hindering to put an end to the ongoing knife crime incidences.

Knife crimes can be reduced with advanced CCTV monitoring in public places and proper verification of knife buyers. The public, too, needs to stop being a spectator when such crimes take place and instead come forward to help the victims and report it to the appropriate authorities.

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Jodi Chesney Murder: Police Appeals Witnesses to Come Forward



Jodie Chesney

Jodie Chesney, a 17-year old girl, was stabbed to death on Friday night on St Neot’s Road in Harold Hill, Romford.

The police said, Chesney, who is an A-level student, was playing music with friends before she was stabbed in the back without any warning. As per the latest statement by the Metropolitan Police, two men who stabbed the teenager didn’t say anything before leaving her fatally injured.

Homicide detectives are looking for the killers. One of the attackers is believed to be a black male in his late teens. Information about the other suspect has not been released.

A 49-year old woman, Teresa Farenden, who lives near the park, heard Chesney’s boyfriend crying for help after the attack.

“It was horrific, it was just the blood,” she told The Times.

Farenden tried performing CPR, including chest compression, on the girl – without releasing that the knife used in the attack was still stuck in her back.

“I didn’t see it because it was dark,” she said.”I didn’t realise at the time, but all I kept thinking once the police told me, was ‘Have I put the knife in further by giving her compressions?'”

According to the police, the Chesney’s group first saw the two men half an hour before the attack in the park.

“They left around 9pm without interacting with Jodie or her friends,” according to the statement.

“Around 30 minutes later the pair returned to the park and walked straight towards the group, where one of the males stabbed Jodie once in the back. Nothing was said by the two suspects, who ran off in the direction of Retford Road.”

Post-mortem report concluded that the death was caused due to trauma and haemorrhage.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Whellams urged witnesses to come forward and provide any details they might be aware of.

“There has been excellent support from the local community and a number of people have shared information with police, but there will be other witnesses and people with information that may prove crucial,” Whellams said.

“Although the description of the suspect is limited, I am certain that people will have seen the two males hanging around the park or running away from the scene – or will otherwise have noticed something suspicious. I need those people to call me.”

Debbie Chesney, grandmother of Jodie Chesney, described the killing as an “unprovoked attack” on a Facebook post.

“How have we come to this point where kids can’t have a walk in a park without suffering an unprovoked attack?” she said.

Chesney was the fifth teenager, who has been stabbed to death in the capital in 2019. At least 24 teenagers were killed in London in 2018.

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27,000 Children Mobilised by Criminal Gangs, Report Claims



criminal gangs mobilise children

The findings of a recent study carried out by the children’s commissioner suggested that around 27,000 children have been recruited directly or indirectly by ruthless criminals into gangs.

There is a systematic pattern through which gangs recruit vulnerable children and exploit them by pushing them towards violence and crime. They arm youngsters with weapons triggering the impulsive violence in the country.

The affected children that have been identified during the study were not the ones in the records, raising fears that most of the child gang members unknown to authorities may be victims to sex grooming too.

The report has also specified that the pattern of targeting children validates that the gangs target boys and girls aged between 10-17 years, who easily fall prey to the malicious plans of the gangs. It has also been reported that the adolescent ego is being pushed to join such gangs for gaining respect from their elders. 

“There’s a sense of those pushing you to do it, but at the end of the day the decision comes to you,” says one of the targeted youngster.

According to him, “When you sit down and speak to some of these youths, they’re lost. When I mean lost, in the sense of, they’re literally following and going along with it. A lot of them don’t know who they are or what they want to do.

“They just want to do what seems to be cool and on top of that to be fair there’s nothing really to do.”

Further findings of the report suggest that most of the youngsters involved felt the same way. Many just became a part of the gang due to their location, family or wider associations.

However, the remaining children who joined for reasons were majorly targeted through alternate techniques similar to those used to grooming for sexual abuse.

As per media statement given by Children’s commissioner Anne Longfield, the report has only provided skeleton information on the number of children in the gangs or the help they are getting or may get from these gangs.

The worrisome fact is that there has been little or no learning from the decade ago failings from child sexual exploitation and yet again a large number of children are at the risk of being a victim.

Most of the vulnerable children might never be able to recover from such an experience, leaving a lasting impact on their social, emotional and mental health.

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London Witnesses Knife Stabbings Spike in 2019



London stabbing

The ancient city of London has been through a “dark” spate of unfortunate incidences since the turn of the calendar year. London has witnessed deaths of more than a dozen people due to stabbing.

The latest victim of stabbing in the sequence is a man, believed to be in his twenties, stabbed to death on the eve of Tuesday near Ilford station at about 8.48pm, according to reports. He was reported dead at the scene of the incident. His death was fifth on the day and fourth in less than eight hours of the first occurrence on Tuesday.

The day started on a bloody note when a young man in his mid-twenties was left critically injured from stabbing in Enfield, North London. 16 people have been reportedely killed in London so far this year. More than 30 percent of the killings have happened in the last nine days.

A witness, Zamirullah Stanikzai who works in a phone shop a short distance from the scene of one of the incidents in Ilford narrated that he saw two men who were brandishing their knives. According to Stanikzai, “I saw people running up and down the station when I went out.”

These incidences have sent “blast waves” across the city. Ilford South MP Mike Gapes in his tweet wrote that he was shocked and saddened by the news of the killing. The Metropolitan Police Service in a statement said the murder probe had been opened and no arrests had been made just yet.

Bright Akinleye was killed on February 18 in the lobby of a hotel in Euston Street in Camden, central London. He was stabbed outside the hotel. Akinleye was 22 years old.

Another victim Glendon Spence, 23, was on February 21 stabbed at a youth club in Brixton, South London. Just a day after, a 19-year-old man was killed by stabbing in Wood Green, North London.

February 25 witnessed the death of a man who was killed in a fight in Tower Hamlets, East London.

Police arrested three young men whose ages are 24, 26, and 27, after they were called at Green Street at midnight. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment while the suspects were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

On Tuesday afternoon, a man was taken into custody on suspicion of grievous bodily harm after a man in his mid-thirties suffered injuries from stabbing in the thigh following an altercation on Parsonage Road. The victim who was taken to the hospital for treatment was later discharged from the hospital. On the same day, a teenager was stabbed at South Ruislip stating in West London, according to a report.

There was a report of disturbance late afternoon according to the British Transport Police, after they received a call to that effect. The victim was hospitalized for stab wound on his abdomen.

The increasing occurrence of stabbing is of great concern in the city and authorities are worried that this could instill fear in people, especially the younger group.

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London: A Man Stabbed On Street, Dies In Hotel Lobby



euston stabbing

Last updated on February 20th, 2019

The police has taken at least 11 people in custody on suspicion of a man’s murder in a hotel lobby in Euston, London. According to the local sources, the incident took place at the Conference Venue on Euston Street, close to the busy train station.

The Metropolitan Police, after reaching the crime scene at 10:45pm, said the victim was stabbed outside the hotel, and he walked into the premises before slumping in the lobby. The hotel staff rushed to the victim’s rescue but he breath his last about 45 minutes later.

The onlookers described their horror as the injured victim shattered in the hotel lobby after crying out for help. One guest at the hotel said he suddenly heard things “kicking off” while he was about to sleep.

Ayesha Begum, who lives right next to where the man collapsed, told “Police were following a trail of blood.”

Police concluded that the victim was inhumanely attacked before he escaped into the hotel, which is located at a walking distance from Euston tube station.

Reverend Stuart Burgess, chairman of directors at The Wesley said, “It was a complete shock to the staff late last night, but they responded incredibly well and I want to pay tribute to them.”

“The staff and guests are quite amazed and shocked by the incident. Obviously we are not used to this happening.”

He added, some of the staff members who were working near the lobby during the incident are “trying to come to terms with it.”

Tarek, a hotel worker, said that the police arrested 11 people at separate London police stations, and the hotel awaits further information on suspicion of murder.

The incident is still under investigation and the inquiries are going on. The police is trying to obtain evidence from the CCTV footage of the crime scene.

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